Is a 3300 Blitz Rating Even Possible on

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  1. I used to think Hikaru was a real jerkoff, and now I'm a big fan. Love how bad he is at singing, but sings anyway. Respek.

  2. dude youre soooo chill and good and nice gz

  3. Why do I watch these? Its not like I get better through osmosis. Im like a 900 rated player, I can barely understand any of this lol

  4. Hey, Im new in chess, someone can explain to me why did he surrender in 4:53?

  5. You made me laugh so hard at the start get real get with the program…… Yes because becoming programmed sounds great its so fitting. Just because hes good at chess doesn't mean he has worldly knowledge hes just as brainwashed as the rest of them.

  6. Eu já tive 2300 mas hj não estou mais nesse nível, eu abaixei um pouco, E O CARA TEM TREZ MIL E TREZENTOS. Que inveja

  7. Why did He resign at 4:52?? I don't understand how he's gonna lose..can anyone explain

  8. Your life isn't wasted Hikaru. You inspire people all over the world and your name will live on in the chess world for many years to come. You could have been a lawyer or something, but how is that not a wasted life as well? No matter what life you choose, another life shuts the door. Everything in this world is kind of silly when you think about it, but you have managed to choose a life where you inspire people around you. Chess is great for the brain, so in some ways, you are like a doctor helping people stay healthy. There are people who are depressed who come to watch you and you lift their spirits, perhaps saving their lives. Your life is far from wasted. Me on the other hand… lol.

    Chess is a stupid board game, but it is also so much more than that.

  9. I liked and subscribed in the first 30 seconds bc of his reaction to that dood

  10. Hikaru: Nc4, Queen takes, Bc3.
    Also Hikaru: I don't think I care.

  11. 7:56 after black plays nf6 why can't qxd4? Oh nevermind. It would just be a trade cus then nxd5. My b

  12. Sir please raid on my youtube channel. Hindi ChessTalk . Please help me , please , please .I am poor and want to play and increase popularity of chess in world. Please

  13. Saying "It happens" like he accidentally became a grandmaster.

  14. wow haha you look like Eric Koston 🤣

  15. The amount of moves he thinks ahead before making a move is insane

  16. Yes a topplayer but not a top 10 player What went wrong?

  17. I don't know why but just after watching your games… I get better . I always literally always win every game just after watching your gameplay style

  18. There is just as much evidence supporting that the Chinese government accidentally or not released the coronavirus, probably even more than it just appearing out of nowhere, a virus mutating as COVID-19 did is unlikely to have happened naturally. Do your research before you speak on issues you don't know anything about.

  19. 10:04 Me, a complete beginner: I see, that is quite the fiveheaded. I also dont like moldy cheese

  20. How did the guy win on 4:58 it wasn’t checkmate ( idk every rule there could be something idk)

  21. That's a high quality chess even when you have not 100% concentration! Thank you, Hikaru!

  22. Plot twist there is another monitor at the ceiling

  23. this is one of the best intro's to ever exist on youtube. background music fits so perfectly and seamlessly. the dialogue delivery of wasting the life on stupid board game etc. perfect.

  24. He just won a match against 3280 rated player? 🙄

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