INSANE FINAL MATCH: Magnus vs. Hikaru!


0:00 Intro
1:10 Blitz Segment 1
8:15 Blitz Segment 2
17:18 Bullet Segment

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  1. tbh adding backround music would be a good plus while speaking
    also dont worry, Levy, im also a knicks fan.

  2. @Gothamchess Thanks for recognizing that real football is not American football. Rare to see an American even knowing, not to mention acknowledging that

  3. Pretty lame conclusion with this format but nice games anyway 😀

  4. Just wanted to say I love having the clocks there, if its possible to do that for guess the ELO recaps (after the reveal obviously) or tournament recaps that would be unreal!

  5. Yeah I have nothing else to say. I am getting outta here❤️Hikaru❤️Magnus

  6. Soccer, gridiron, and rugby all descend from the same (very ancient) game, football. This game has allowed for progressing the ball via carrying often in various times and locations. The ball does not have to be exclusively kicked to be a member of this football family. It's analogous to the way that chimps and humans share a common ancestor. Likewise are soccer and gridiron (and rugby, another football, which you never bring up when you partake in the whole "American football isn't football" circle jerk. Probably because you know that would be a step too far, but is it not clear that gridiron and rugby are similar games? So why don't you shit on rugby? Or Australian football?)

    The historic ancestor game has always been called football. The American government's intervention into gridiron which added the forward pass caused the games to look very different today, but again, they are descendants of the same game, the true "football."

    Further, why do you always feel the need to yuck people's yum? You're very clearly no athlete. You haven't played either game at a high level (neither have I, but I'm not talking shit on people for liking one of them), so you have no understanding of their similarities or differences. There is no good reason to respect your opinion on the matter.

    I want to like you, and usually do. I've been subscribed since before the queen's gambit (except for last time you talked shit on gridiron, when I unsubbed for a few months), but you constantly present yourself as someone whose opinion is meaningful on subjects where it just isn't. Whether you think you are special or smarter or whatever it is that causes you to dismiss other people's opinions as less than yours, that's something you should work on.

    Would you tell a professional musician their taste in music is trash when you don't play a single instrument? That's what you're doing when you dismiss things people love that you have absolutely zero expertise in.

    Sure, you can talk chess. I would never try to argue with you about chess, but your knowledge of "football," whether American, Australian, rugby, or association is dismissible. All I ask is that you stop talking shit about 1. things people love that 2. you have no expertise in. That would be a huge step in your development as a well-adjusted adult.

    I hope you hear this and I hope you take it as a chance to grow as a person.

    (I've heard your rant about seeing friends hurt by head injury. That isn't something I disrespect, but it's not inherently the fault of the game. That's the fault of the institutions. The game itself could certainly be made significantly safer for the brain if institutions like the NFL and NCAA didn't stand in the way. Take that issue up with them. The core of the game can still be profoundly interesting to people.)

  7. Stellar recap of those games. The passion is real!

  8. can somebody explain to me why the move at 11:15 is a loosing move. i still dont get it

  9. Just THANK YOU for the "football should be played with your FEET" comment! Just common sense violated by stupid Americans!

  10. Legend has it that the element magnesium was name so in honor of Magnus Carlson

  11. Strongly deserved, if you think this was Magnus' match, you're just salty

  12. eyebrows to hairline is an $80 taxi trip, shave your head mate

  13. Not looking to watch the whole video but does someone have the time stamp of when Levy goes over the game where Magnus sacks the exchange in the endgame for a masterclass endgame win?

  14. Levy becoming a football fan lets gooo😍🇦🇷🐐

  15. Am i the only one who involuntarily jumps up from the seat when some brilliant move or blunder happens? At this recap i was standing for 30 minutes straight… Admiring Hikaru and Magnus is just beyond entertainment… It's spiritual… Look at those two chess demigods…

  16. as much as i love your commentary.. i'm a little sick of the cheating going on and i think we'd all gain more from you thoroughly explaining 3 games rather than rushing through 17 games of garbage that makes no sense…. its so bad i cant even finish it… im done watching, next upload please, go back to teaching rather than regurgitating crap you dont even understand yourself

  17. The Howard Cosel of Chess does it again! Great recap!!!

  18. If you want a spoiler who wins scroll down

    Watch till the end 🙂

  19. Keep the clocks ffs, without that is basically meaningless. Jokes. Good channel mosieur

  20. does bishop c7 seem like a move magnus would normally play if ever? and since robert said it right before he played it doesn't that raise a red flag to anyone else besides me? what are the chances that magnus carlsen would play a move like that and hang his bishop in one move? and now ask yourself, what are the chances that 2 gm's will make the same exact blunder at the same exact time? not very high. This in my opinion is more sus than anything that hans niemann has done in the game of chess over the board…. and no one will even take this seriously because its MAGNUS CARLSEN, why make such a scene about someone else cheating and pointing he finger? when literally magnus carlsen is like a machine himself and there isn't anyone else in the world that even comes close to him ( really though ) that would raise red flags to me. Maybe people should start to wand him down more with the metal and signal detectors. just a thought.

  21. Awesome recap, awesome match!
    Those two were so dominant, destroying the best of the best on their way to the finals.
    Monster match, monster performance by Hikaru especially. Congratulations!
    Also: based football comment.

  22. This is Levy’s greatest recap video. Here’s a man who has truly mastered his craft.

  23. Love the clock Levy keep the grind strong, but keep your passion stronger <3

  24. I am a 500 and in a 3-1 i uncorked a brilliant move

  25. I'm telling all Americans now, IT'S FOOTBALL, NOT SOCCER

  26. This game is proof that Magnus would have played if he had to face Hikaru in the World Chess Championship final.

  27. No way, never see so ugly match where a player so disrespectful, arrogant. hikaru is just a little man literally and figuratively.

  28. gg Hikaru. Loved watching live. Favorite part was when Robert called a blunder, then magnus immediately blundered right after. Happens so often in speed chess. Love it.

  29. The match was decided in the 5+1, Magnus playing badly, and not only for his standards, and Hikaru being flawless.
    The bullet portion was as good as it gets, absolutely stellar playing from both of them.

    As a neutral spectator, I think Hikaru deserved to win overall, but I also think that his clock stalling, while legit, kinda ruined the pathos of this incredible match. Yes, it is also Magnus' fault, had he played better in the first portion Hikaru would not have played time wasting.

    Anyway, great fight between the two and great great great fun to watch this whole tournament, it has been amazing.

  30. Wow this guy is hard to watch.. 13:49 full man child mode 🤦‍♂️😂😂

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