INSANE FINAL MATCH: Magnus vs. Hikaru!


0:00 Intro
1:10 Blitz Segment 1
8:15 Blitz Segment 2
17:18 Bullet Segment

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  1. Why is it when crazy politicians and celebrities open their mouths, people are so quick to spout crap like “They’re playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers,” but when a bad streak like this happens in ACTUAL chess no one is thinking that a top player like Magnus could potentially be holding back?

    Totally could just not be as good at speed chess compared to Hikaru, but to perform this badly is a little suspect.

  2. hear me out. Chess but you can capture your own pieces…

  3. 25:55 I love that Hikaru put his queen to d3 for queen trades then e2
    To make it not obvious trapping the queen making Magnus think that he simply want to trade
    I mean he could put his queen anywhere before e2
    But decided to take the risk by putting it in d3 first making magnus think that he is only want trades

    Lol this is some poker skills

  4. American Football fans fight each other? 😂 they have entire clubs of hooligans in England and Great Britain that literally have brought down bleachers in stadiums, called Firms I believe but could be wrong. These groups go have mini wars between each other carrying weapons like machetes and bats! 😂…. I think fans tailgating at the stadium in the parking lot, so they do not have to drive drunk to the game seems pretty normal in comparison.

  5. this championship was absolutely insane to watch

  6. Hello guys, can you tell me how to submit a game? Thank you, I have been watching you for very long.

  7. Bro your commentary is MAD FUN. Seriously, better commentary than like almost any sports broadcast I've ever seen.

  8. I saw this on the TV at the St. Louis chess club (yes, that one) while talking to a grandmaster about it
    Now I get to pointlessly brag about it on the internet…

  9. Holy shit Levy you ripped this recap – Very well done.

  10. gotta love levy being eminem for a couple of seconds. In this video he barely roasted us. best christmas present ever.

  11. About NFL tailgating, that's a true picture of the American way🇺🇲

  12. QUESTION: Hey Levy… could you explain why Hikaru sat for two minutes in one game without making a move. I think I understand that he wanted a draw but why just sit there?

  13. Man, i was watching this last night and kept wishing they had you commentating! Amazing video as always Levy

  14. The clock for the players add is AMAZING. I can really feel the game flow much better

  15. And Magnus wont even play the WC classical which is his best time format.

  16. I like that you added the clocks! Makes it a whole lot easier to understand where they spend time thinking xD 1:51

  17. Love the game clocks !!! Use them all the time ! Love your commentary too. Chess can never be called boring again….

  18. Maaaaaaan I don't even play chess and I was enthralled by your commentary man. Such charisma. Great watch

  19. “I’m a knicks fan so that’s kinda depressing” this is now my favorite Gotham quote

  20. Love the clocks; Keep up all the good work 🙂

  21. Yes we are lunatics, and it’s called tailgating. And people say Americans don’t have culture

  22. Magnus has never beaten me at chess, come and get me

  23. Your commetary pace is amazing Levy

  24. Levy, can you share the contact of your cocaine dealer? JK
    I mean, it is just mad to see how much effort you put into your videos. Just mind blowing and entertaining. And Hikaru is a genius for sure.

  25. On one hand it's nice to see the champ get beat for once, on the other hand I feel like Hikaru's ego didn't really need to be pumped up any higher than it already is XD

  26. New to chess and found your channel and love your videos! Jam-packed with both enlightening and entertaining content! Just wanted to suggest you may want to install some acoustic absorption panels in your room, I can hear the reverberations of your voice in the room through your mic. Your channel is super pro and that little extra step would level up your presentation just the slightest bit more, and maybe a couple of color splash lights to the back wall. Certainly does not detract from your awesome content, but would just give a slightly sharper edge to the already excellent presentation you've got going on!

  27. You start the video with a nice intro. I like it.
    And you start by saying: Ladies and Gentlemen.
    And then you say: It is time for you to witness one of the best chess matches you have probably ever seen.

    And then you go and explain who vs who, etc.

    And then i scroll a bit forward in the video.
    Like say to a quarter of the length. To half. And to last quarter of the video.

    So i have a question:
    When am i going to witness this one of the best chess matches?
    I have not seen Magnus playing it in this video, have i?
    This is you explaining the match.
    And sure, that is nice to look at.

    But the title didn't suggest that. And you did not suggest that in the intro.

    Sorry, but i want to see the actual match. Not somebody else replaying it.

  28. Basketball sucks bro sorry you wrong there. I don't like football either but you don't get to pick and choose like that. Stick with chess 😉

  29. It was like Argentina vs France.
    Argentina (hikaru) dominating first half
    Them france (magnus) came back suddenly nand this saga continues .
    What a double header yesterday was.

  30. Carlsen played chess, Hiikaru played the man

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