INSANE FINAL MATCH: Magnus vs. Hikaru!


0:00 Intro
1:10 Blitz Segment 1
8:15 Blitz Segment 2
17:18 Bullet Segment

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  1. And anti-magnus groupies are cheering.

  2. Stick to chess, comparing hundreds killed and property destroyed in riots because of football (soccer) and NFL tailgating just makes you sound stupid.

  3. Soccer just looks like gym class. And yes you are the recap GOAT.

  4. Hikaru has better clock management than most NFL head coaches

  5. Congratulations Hikaru, you're the best. Let me tell you, never change.❣️

  6. I dont understand this time on the clock thing

  7. Levy casually digressing about football and world cup for ten seconds in the middle of the video to help the SEO of youtube.

    What a gigachad content creator

  8. I just love the passion you feel for chess. The spark jumpes just right over when I watch you recap this insane match like you are one of those NFL lunatics!

  9. I have watched this live.

    And i was looking forward to watch your recap, right after seeing this. Bro, i just love your recaps.

  10. yes! i swear i just commented on a vid about showing the times

  11. Gotham, are you sad NFL is called football because all the NY teams are perpetually bad?

  12. Love the clocks yes please keep if not too much work.

  13. L from hikaru needing to stall for time on every loss just to win. No sportsmanship.

  14. gotham just alienated all 5 people who watch football

  15. Chess is about tactics not how fast you can move your pieces. Bullet is like football played with hands instead of legs

  16. feels like Argentina Vs France world cup final … commentary by ISSAM CHAOUALI (you may no know him but he's the best arabian commentator)

  17. Incredible recap bro. 17 matches canNOT be easy. I watched this live and was on the edge of my seat most of the time. I was looking forward to this breakdown, thanks for the hard work.

  18. "'Bleeding the clock' doesn't apply to soccer" indicates you have never watched a grown man roll around on the ground in the penalty box like a petulant child

  19. clocks are really cool to see + they help balance the game out in my head

  20. bishop c7. magnus was watching the live stream to cheat (For those who can't see it, It's a joke)

  21. Clock stalling by a GM? He couldn't have done it against Magnus without stalling but is still a champion? What rule is even that 😅🤣😂

  22. yeah it was awesome, the bullets were ripping.(magnus is getting better at fast chess)

  23. please do a recap of the football World Cup final!

  24. anyone else remember the warriors cavs final in 2016.
    This time the warriors didn't blow a 3-1 lead 🤣


  26. "Football fans are crazy" says the man whose own sport had an anal beads-related controversy not so long ago 😅

  27. Do I think you can cover that many games with as much hot air as you blow into the rest of the video? Even I am surprised at times.

  28. Insane that you managed to cover 17 games in one recap – Truly the goat.
    One suggestion for if you cover an event in a similar format in the future(if you even read this): Maybe give updates every so often on how much is left on the match clock so we know how big of a deficit an X game lead puts somebody at relative to how much time is left.

  29. I digress, I digress, I digress. You talk too much bro and change the words sometimes!

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