Immovable Object Vidit Gujrathi vs Unstoppable Force Magnus Carlsen | FIDE World Rapid 2023

Magnus Carlsen now takes the sole lead in the World Rapid 2023! In the 6th round, Magnus Carlsen played some fantastic chess in a double-knight endgame to take down Vidit Gujrathi with the Black pieces.

After 6 rounds, Magnus has 5.5/6 points right now! 

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Looking at the video title, i thought it could be a draw… Magnus tho Unstoppable nikala but Vidit had to move 😰

  2. wont it be a draw if we trade the knight with the pawn and then move the king upwards?

  3. Wow they,ve played more than a minute 😂

  4. Vidit had the white pieces.
    Unfortunately, the black pieces had Magnus.

  5. Magnus talks to players because he wants to play their best this man loves to think.😊❤

  6. i like how magnus slowly eliminated squares for vidits knights to move in. all in all knights have always been my favorite pieces because of their mystic abilities. cheers to both players 🎉

  7. It should be the other way around 🤔- immovable object Magnus Carlsen (him being the greatest and all) vs unstoppable force Vidit Gujrathi (as he is being fearless and doing so great recently)

  8. Unstoppable force needs refueling in his private lounge..

  9. but after night sac its a draw why did he resign

  10. For the final 50 moves or so, Magnus never dropped below 2-3 minutes on the clock, while Vidit was in a constant zeitnot of 20-40 seconds on the clock. In an endgame with 4 knights on the board, it is unbearable pressure.

  11. Vidit is a Novice!!!, infront of Carlson

  12. idk why but Gujirathis way of pressing the clock annoys me

  13. I think the adjectives in the title should've been reversed. Magnus has been the immovable object at the top of World Chess for over a decade. Meanwhile, Vidit as good as the player he has been over the years, has recently become the unstoppable force.

  14. In opening just chop off his two knights . This man won three end games with knight which were completely equal😅

  15. Lady moves D4
    Vidit- “But I wanted E4?

  16. I wud have played on – by sacrificing the knight for b3. He can bring his knight to protect e6, but for how long… I wud have made him sweat more… get him down to a minute at least!

    Hmmm… "principle of 2 weaknesses": Vidit shud not have taken en passant on the h-file. Created doubled pawns, AND gave him a LOT of space on the k-side. g5-h4 wud have kept the k-side closed. Defending the pawn(s) with knight(s) was always a recipe for trouble….

  17. god that two knight end game was a nightmare to play.

  18. …I like how Magnus great as he is always try to teach or give some advice or where was opponents mistake,that is greatness at is best…always give and teach when you can,and Magnus is the one truly the GOAT who can…bravo Magnus,proud of you no matter the end result…you are awesome,keep it up champ and god bless you.🎉❤

  19. Vidit need to work on his aggression against the players like Magnus.

  20. very impressive endgame by magnus. when vidit gave up the pawn it was just the sheer constant pressure that forced him to do so, there wasn't any real compensation.

  21. boring from the middle of the game as only knights left in major pieces.

  22. Vidit aut Magnus ko object banado..

  23. Nothing's immovable against the unstoppable

  24. Magnus's endgame skills are just so superior than the rest especially when it comes to the knights.

  25. Indian chess players in general are very passive and the reason of it is GM Anand who is trainer of these new generation. As far as that defeated man who was destroyed by Kasparov several times is in charge of new talents in india, Indian chess players will remain coward in chess because they have no preparation for attacking game

  26. I hope one day we see new generation chess players who weren't coached by loser anand

  27. Blonde chick looks like she hasn't slept in days

  28. With all due respect, I could only see the unstoppable force but not the immovable object!!

  29. I wish they wouldn’t whisper at the end. Tell us the analysis please! Is it a secret?

  30. He could have made it draw by repeating the steps.

  31. In my opinion, this Magnus guy can become world champion if he works really hard like Anand, Car-jackin', Caruana, and Noponiaci.

  32. Am I tripping but at 4:56 he messed up because that pawn was not there for him to take that other pawn

  33. How does magnus win though? Im new i dont understand haha

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