IM Stavroula Tsolakidou – GM Evgeniy Agrest | Blitz chess

Coop Saaremaa Chess Festival, 2023. Coop Estonia is Estonia’s oldest and biggest group in retail trade.


  1. Why he didn't shake hands at the end ? Because of ego maybe.

  2. ❤красивая девушка,-красивая победа❤

  3. She outplayed him beautifully at the end

  4. Beautiful game by Stavroula. White got a huge advantage in the opening, then the GM started winning, but White got counterplay and then … I will not reveal the exciting ending !

  5. When you misplace the pieces it’s easy to be confused yourself and miss mates

  6. Amazing change of feelings on this cute and gorgeous Lady!

  7. Nice victory! In general when space is given and attacking chances the "underdogs" must go for it with no fear

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