I Turned Chess Into A Survival Game And This Happened

Modded Right Click To Necromance has never been so fun, especially when you mod it out to include some awesome new units just like @InternDotGif has shown us before!

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You take the role of a necromancer general who can resurrect fallen enemy soldiers to control them in its forever growing army.
Defeat an opposing army and right click to necromance their dead bodies!
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  1. 2 of my favorite games smashed into one 😂

  2. Day 2 of asking blitz to play enter the gungeon

    👇Join my cause, push it to the top!

  3. "The king is the Strongest piece on the game"
    Chess players: Well yes but actually no.

  4. I have liked right click to necromance for years now, but this isn't this just the game, Just with a Retexture of the sprites?

  5. Hey look, infection tag, that one game we all played in elementary school

  6. Blitz u should Try the Game „the final checkmate“ its a pretty cool Game.

  7. I never thought you would play this game again.

  8. ( FRENCH ) Un squelette avec une coupe afro says:

    " There's the queen "
    Proceeds to put the Marseillaise

  9. This is just right click to necromance with different graphics

  10. I like how the intro literally describes the board game.

  11. It really is a shame it never got an update, even a bugfix for impossible to necromance corpse piles, or any more content. It's already so fun as-is, if it just had more..

  12. 2:13 no the queen is the strongest chess piece. The king is the second weakest.

  13. (And we got another king and that’s what we call a victory wait… where’s my king???) Yes it was me 666 has stole youre king

  14. i saw the thumnail. im getting right click to necromance vibes. could be very wrong tho time t osee the video

  15. Queen in chess games: you took everything from me

    King in Chess games: I don't even know who you are.

  16. Bro is starting to like chess a little too much💀💀💀

  17. What’s this called I play right click to necromance i NEED THIs also thanks for showing me right click to necromance :>

  18. I love that you guys have instated Spanish subtitles, I am not a native speaker but I'm trying to learn the language so I can look at the subtitles while enjoying the video!

  19. I am still a kid, but I understand the Borg reference

  20. I'm only just watching blitz Mr prepper serie from a year ago and I realised how much he hates cucumbers to be honest cucumber aren't that bad

  21. This is one reason to come back to this game

  22. Wish I could play this but my phone will probably get hacked if I download it

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