I Played Blitz Chess In A Bar With Alexandra Botez

During Botez Abroad, Alexandra stopped by London to play some blitz chess in a local pub and I thought it was time for some good old English chess hustling! Drop a like and make sure to subscribe/turn on notifications to not miss when we upload next. More Botez videos soon!


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  1. Well done, Simon ! What fast hands at the end ! So unlike your mouse moves online ( I am not making fun of you, I just share your pain ). Playing on the board seems so much fun.

  2. Such a nice atmosphere i love chess for these moments

  3. Wow what a game that was!! You are playing great OTB Simon than these silly sites online.

  4. Andrea sounds normal when she's not streaming…

  5. Why is there a little kid at the bar? No drinking age over there?

  6. These two need to host a podcast together

  7. Faster over the board than online. You really need to take some speed mouse classes (don’t know if they exist).

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