I Played Blitz Chess In A Bar With Alexandra Botez

During Botez Abroad, Alexandra stopped by London to play some blitz chess in a local pub and I thought it was time for some good old English chess hustling! Drop a like and make sure to subscribe/turn on notifications to not miss when we upload next. More Botez videos soon!


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  1. In a bar, playing chess with Alexandra Botez. Does it get any better?

  2. Simon I’ve been going through your long play play list but I think I’ve watched em all. Need some more none blitz I feel I learn a lot more when you have time to explain your thought process. Just loaded up master method and najdorf to watch on my tv

  3. WOOHOOOOOOOO, I knew if I subscribed long enough i'd see you win one well done Simon lol

  4. what pub is this do they play chess there regularly?

  5. Genuine nice guy. Genuine nice girl. Bit of disrespect being floated on YouTube recently by people who you would hope know better. Your content is fantastic. How many dyslexic GMs are there from the time when books were the resource? Keep on trucking Simon 👍 Thank you.

  6. I just got off work. This was quite the refresher to witness!

  7. "I'm not going to disrespect your grandmasterness" Simply Wonderful❤ Love it!

  8. Go ginger last time she beat I get angry now I'm happy and pound of you man

  9. no mouse to get in the way at the end simon and no beer on the ground! 😂GG

  10. As expected, but it was entertaining to hear the trash talk. Alexandra was wity, but Simon was forceful and the beer didn't have any effect on his Grandmasterness.

  11. I love chessplayers trashtalking so politely and respectfully.

  12. gingergm moved his pawn two spaces at the end. & then Alexandra said he was fast. By the look on his face he knew he got away with one

  13. Awesome video! 👀 if you get some time I just dropped new content too bro 💯 keep growing your channel!

  14. At 3.14 Cd5 was strongissimo !!!!!!!!!

  15. Why couldn't she take the pawn that was hanging forever? What was the trap?

  16. Simon is GOOD!
    And it was indeed disrespectful to play clock at the end against a GM.

  17. Yo yo simon is the man with the masterplan!!!

  18. camera angle was strange. usually the camera should be closer to the players and lower. That is my opinion on that

  19. Sir a longer game with Aldo or Blair please with Sicilian Dragodorf or Dragon or Najdorf please.

  20. If it was online Simon would have flagged lol

  21. GingerGM does not need the view bump from associating with the Botez sisters, but I understand why many are doing so now. Do men have the sound off when they watch the Botez sisters?

  22. Yall bring that game to Kentucky and you'll get whooped!

  23. She didn't play the Botez gambit unfortunately

  24. She was deliberately trying to distract him with all the silly loose talk. Hate her

  25. born and raised as a man who never changed his gender, I can tell you I love this girl.
    As for the game, she chose the same plane I would, c5 and a5 isolating white's b5 pawn…

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