I Challenged A CHESS CHAMPION in FPS Chess

We’re switching it up today in FPS Chess; I think it’s time to pawn @Blitz for once!

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Battle a friend in this fast paced 1v1 class-based first-person shooter. Chess takes a back-seat to FPS as you win duel after duel and capture the opponent’s pieces until you’ve beaten their king and won the game.
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  1. He was in 6th grade in 1974? Blitz is like 100 years old.

  2. This seems like a really fun game can't wait to see more of these videos in the future.

  3. I also want to see a mincraft lets play with blitz

  4. Could you see if you could play this with TimeToGrind.

  5. Intern I love ur videos and absolutely continue with fps chess it’s awsome (btw trash blitz)

  6. i watched blitz side of the video first

  7. The Minecraft references here. One, the lunatic villager noises and two, literal block-hitting.🤣

  8. kinda want to see you and blitz play 5d chess with multiverse time travel

  9. Intern, for the easy win you need to use rooks vs king, then the moment round start, immediately snipe king head. 1 hit 1 kill

  10. This is a comment to boost your video in the algorithm

  11. I imagine finding someone to play this game is hard. I tried playing one and won 1 battle Pawn vs Pawn and they left. ;-;

  12. It is an interesting and entertaining video

  13. Got this game today and I was looking for some content on it!

  14. A lot of people are calling this game a bit coin miner thing bc of how much GPU it uses, I played it and my fans were extremely loud, also it’s fun

  15. Now play 5d chess with multiverse timetravel.

  16. TBH, I believe this will be perfect for a Gothamchess video.

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