I Broke Chess Using 10,000 IQ in King Of The Bridge

It’s time for King Of The Bridge once again, and this time the bridge troll is trying his HARDEST to make sure I mess up and let him win! It’s going to take some good memory, brainpower, and perhaps a little bit of cheating to get through this one…
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Face off against the bridge troll in his bizarre game of chess! Decrypt, Twist and Enforce the rules as your devious opponent attempts to break them in King of the Bridge!

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  1. There's also an ascension ending, in which you ascend like 9 or 10 pawns, and a duck ending, where you put the enemy king on the duck and he sails away.

  2. no views in 17 seconds bro fell off

  3. Blitz i have been watching your videos for 4 years now, your videos are so entertaining!!!!

  4. I’m the first comment again and the first like

  5. Love this game so much keep doing what your doing blitz

  6. i have been watching your vids 7 years now soo good

  7. i just watched your other king of the bridge vid and i wanted to see if you had any others and i saw this 2 minutes after it was uploaded and it felt like i was blessed by the trolls

  8. 600 view in 6 minutes, woow, bro fell off

  9. Nicely said by a very well spoken and honest man and I agree that he should have a better chance at being the next leader in this administration and the next administration as he has done for a while and he is the best leader of this administration

  10. What a beautiful day when blitz play king of the bridge and the video was enjoyable and have a ranch day 😊😮🎉❤😆🤩😎😎😁😁☺️(⁠ʘ⁠ᴗ⁠ʘ⁠✿⁠)

  11. please play clone drone into the danger zone again

  12. The hidden rules making you cheat without knowing is just so fun so you see all of the content XD

  13. 3 days til birthday. 2, 3 and 5 days til major exams. My luck 😫

  14. Pawn cannot walk sideway or backwards can eat backwards but not walk back Pawns are basic that moves only forward and eats side forward

  15. Hit the 👍 on this comment to help me try to get blitz to play Warframe. Hey blitz you should play Warframe and you could play with intern.

  16. I love the content where did the chess go where you control the pieces when you take

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