How many moves can you make without moving a pawn? Nakamura vs Grischuk | World Blitz 2021

Both Hikaru Nakamura (USA) and Alexander Grischuk (RUS) are not only world class players but also are amazing in the faster formats of the game. They faced each other in Round 12 of World Blitz 2021. Nakamura got a couple of opportunities in the endgame, however he was unable to seize them and Grischuk masterfully saved the game.

Also try to find out how many maximum number of moves they made without moving a pawn.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 0:08 Was anyone else slightly annoyed that Hikaru’s pawn wasn’t lining up perfectly with the other one?

  2. Nakamura offer draw, he must scared.. hahaha

  3. excited to watch naka's commentry on the same

  4. The expressions of the both players while increasing the speed to 2 is funny🤣😂

  5. I love how they continue playing even after the draw

  6. How do they know if a player offered to resign or draw

  7. One thing I noticed.. Nakamura, as an e4 player…. playing a lot of d4 this tournament..

  8. This championship already ended right, With MVL as the winner?

  9. I love every time both players' honest disbelief when the game ends in a draw 😄

  10. There is a Hikaru bottle.光の名前入りボトルあるね。

  11. Who better remember moves

  12. Playing-Remembering 😄😄😄😄

  13. game after black resign
    1… Kb5 2. f6 Ng6 3. f7 Nf8 4. Kf5 h4 5. Kg4 Ka4 6. Kxh4 Kb3 7. Kg5 Kc2 8. Bb4 d2 9. Bxf8 (9. Bxd2 Kxd2) 9… d1=Q 10. Bh6 c3 11. bxc3 Qd2+ 12. Kg6 Qd3+ 13. Kg5 Qg3+

  14. this game was good, liked the placement of pieces on the board

  15. this game was good, liked the placement of pieces on the board

  16. Thug Life likes post mortems it appears.

  17. Sir ap classical game par per day video laona ager sir apko time nhi milra hi to …week mai 3 to 4 time karo sir please sir usse bohot chess improve hota hi game please sir

  18. The draw offer happens @ 9:16. Not only verbally, Hikaru also did the typical gesture.
    The title is simply the usual click bait.

  19. Why is the board in black's perspective?

  20. Why is nobody talking about how the title doesn't match the game at all. Nobody else is annoyed?

  21. Lol he's got his logo on the coffee cup artfully facing the camera

  22. Brilliant from Nakamura, he pretended gave away allowing central pawns, but pawns on both sides were too strong

  23. I was dissappointed with gris chuck that surrender in last round, cause he can victim his knight, and he also can near the pawn beside the bishop, at last the game can be draw…

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