How Magnus Carlsen uses psychology in his play | Shimanov vs Carlsen | World Blitz 2022

Magnus Carlsen is known for the excellent moves that he plays on the board. But you must also know how important psychological elements are for these top players. Body language is one of the biggest giveaways of what is happening with the opponent.

In the 20th and penultimate round of World Blitz 2022, Magnus Carlsen was in a must-win situation against Aleksandr Shimanov. Because if he did not win this game, he would have other players catch him in the lead. But his opponent played a very drawish opening. While many would have been stressed out by this situation – a strong GM trying to play for a draw with the white pieces, Magnus Carlsen was unperturbed. His reason – my opponent was shaking a lot and I understood that he wasn’t very confident.

Check out this game to get a masterclass in chess psychology.

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  1. а что Магнус в начале говорит

  2. 8:54 Hikaru looks at the board , but was sad that Magnus won.

  3. Have you recorded the closing ceremony where players get their medals? I miss this part

  4. Do you upload also games of other players :)?

  5. Qué significa dejar los reyes así como los dejan cuando terminan de jugar?

  6. Win comes from nowhere . It was a nice ending as a tutorial . Thanks

  7. For anyone who has trypophobia skip the first 33 seconds, you're welcome. 😭

  8. 0:56 Hikaru and Magnus both put their head in their hands almost at the same time! Didn't notice that watching live

  9. Шима в этот раз без жвачки . Прогрессирует 😄

  10. Why humpy is not interviewed?partiality..if vidit wins you keep immediately..such a worst fellow Sagar.. complete biased person. Kuttae Sagar

  11. @3:24 I thought white might play Qd2. When he played Qc2, I remembered that white only needs a draw against Magnus. After Kg8-g7, I wondered why the heck he wouldn't play Nf3-h4, intending Bd3xg6. In the event of g6-g5 Nf5+ and we transpose into an ending for white, where White's bishop vs. Black's knight seems better.

    Edit: What am I missing?

  12. I slept for couple of hours watching this😅

  13. Can someone explain the ending? Who won? Looks like knight can take bishop or is that not enough to win?

  14. What’s with the ocd at the first of every match touching all the pieces

  15. The real story is always Hikaru's expressions in the back. Absolute legend.

  16. Shaking? I never saw Shimanov shaking. Magnus was the one shaking in the game vs Rapport 😬.

  17. Шима красавчик, Магнус – анриал мэн, боролся на равных практически с мировыми топами, и сам уже играет на высочайшем уровне!!! Всегда смотрим левитовчесс, где Шима стримит!!! Всем добра!

  18. We all can see hikaru struggling behind 😂

  19. Anyone have Magnus's address? I have a gift card for Great Clips I'd like to send him.

  20. Как Магнус использует психологию?
    Магнус: я знал его слабое место, просто спросил его "что в бутылке, Шима??? Опять накидался???"

  21. Please put the board analys in the wall of video

  22. Why allow a5 at 8:42 ?? Just play b3, c4 to put the pawns on Light squares and than the Knight holds king's side

  23. Шиманов молодец, для человека который уже много лет не играет и не занимается шахматами – топ 25 очень достойный результат. Думаю если возобновит карьеру то войдёт в топ 10 в следующем году.

  24. Magnus seems to have borrowed Steve Bannon's hair.

  25. I would find Carlsen’s twiddling of the pieces with his hands in direct eyesight distracting and would ask the arbiter to tell him to stop it.

  26. imp….. Never initiate the hand shake towards the end of the game… because whoever initiated the hand shake have mostly lost….

  27. Hikaru starts going crazy after seeing magnus win 🤣

  28. is that me or there is no old men as players ? they all look around 30-35

  29. 𝐋𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐲 says:

    "Сам себя не похвалишь – целый день как обосраный ходишь!" Интересно, Артемьев посмотрел это видео?)))))

  30. 𝐋𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐲 says:

    "You can't praise yourself – you walk like a crap all day!"

  31. Why did he lose? why couldn't the knight just take the bishop?

  32. The saying "Shoot for the stars, land on the moon" .. this guy didnt even shoot his shot.

  33. So..the only thing, that matters and, that can beat Magnus is … to look one move ahead of him. So simple 😀

  34. Просто Шиманов был явно с похмелья. Видно же.

  35. It's just that Shimanov was obviously hung over. You could tell.

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