Hikaru v MVL | 5-Time SCC Champ Eyes Another Final Spot | Speed Chess Championship 2023 SF !coinbase

The 2023 Speed Chess Championship presented by Coinbase is the strongest online speed chess event in the world! Watch five-time champ Hikaru Nakamura take on a field including Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Gukesh D, and world champion Ding Liren, for their share of the $150,000 prize fund!

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  1. Dani's advert promoting AG1 is cringer than his commentary! 😂

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  4. I'm glad he got wrecked by Magnus. I hate his pathetic time wasting strategies

  5. please someone join my stream too, I'm playing chess with 0 watching :/ 😬😬😬

  6. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:


  7. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Great match, great comments!

  8. Great match and props to MVL for giving Hikaru such a tough fight

  9. I was rooting for Maxiiiiime but congrats to Naka
    Awesome to see this match with such great comments thanks all for this show

  10. Mvl fought well but once they entered bullet he was dominated

  11. Danya’s sound/cam seems really delayed during the interview lol

  12. Naka's level going down, i predict 20-12 for Magnus.

  13. #1 and #2 in final – Gee what a surprise!

  14. It’s telling that bullet performance correlates with overall strength so significantly

  15. Magnus seams to be in form these days, Friday might be not so close as anticipated..

  16. if Hikaru wins again no doubt he's the online chess god

  17. Not happy with Hikaru prolonging games. Just like he did against Magnus in the final last year. But give it up for Hikaru! He was the best.

  18. Naka beats Carlsen in the Finals the Bullet Segment will be the Decider…I believe Naka is Quicker and more accurate than Carlsen in Bullet Chess…Looking Forward to a Great Finals👏👍

  19. Carlsen seems in top form, this is a killing revenge🤣

  20. Yeah the bullet section is way too long for this format. If you're better in bullet you can basically win the match down 5 points. It literally invalidates the 3 previous hours of blitz because in the end it all comes down to bullet.

  21. waaaoooow, great match, great (best) commentators🫡🫡🫡🙆🙆🙆🙆 looking forward to magnus-hikaru, gonna be awesome

  22. Training over for Magnus and Hikaru

  23. once naka kicked it into overdrive, MVL had no chance. as expected, magnus vs naka in the finals.

  24. MVL's only shot was to have a HUGE lead of 7+ pts entering the bullet segment. all naka had to do was to keep it close, knowing he would crush MVL in the bullet segment

  25. Hikaku is very good at bullet. Only Magnus has a chance to topple him. For next year, let's skip all matches and just put these 2 into the finals.

  26. Naka is probably the one who need to beat "the boss". LMAO

  27. Bullet chess is so fuckin lame. Let’s add 30s +1 lmaooo silly shit

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