Hikaru Nakamura vs Nihal Sarin | Blitz Chess 3+0 | Chess.Com | June 16, 2023

Blitz chess online 3+0
GM hikaru vs GM nihalsarin | chess.com | 16/06/23

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  1. That was "a nihalation"… Nihal is one of the best blitz players in the world though i doubt he could beat an on-form Hikaru in a 3-0 match. I still give Hikaru a 10-7 edge over Nihal.

  2. واو نیهال سارین😂❤Wow Nihal sarin 😂❤

  3. When hikaru is losing he never plays long sessions, but when hes up he will play all day

  4. This is probably will be excluded from Hikaru’s YouTube channel. Very impressive play from Nihal, specially the first game.
    Thank you for your effort to upload this video.

  5. Why did Nihal put the flag of another country instead of the flag of India?🤔

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