Hikaru Nakamura vs. Magnus Carlsen | Full Match | Bullet Chess Championship 2023 | EPIC Grand Final

Two Titans of Chess Face off with Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen in the Grand Finals of The Bullet Chess Championship 2023.

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  1. Would rather see this match OTB. The pre moves and mouse slips be 🗑️. I feel like they was trolling at the end there if I’m being honest. Cause both was just throwing games back and forth to keep it close.

  2. losing seems to spark carlsen's passion for the game more than winning

  3. this has to be the best chess match of the year, even after the world championship!

  4. Not for me. I don't know what's going on.

  5. I hate to break it to people but streaming is a form of cheating and should be in a different format, give it a different rating and call it consultation chess.

  6. How fast and accurately they are playing 😮

  7. "Never go full nickleback" lmao

    Danny every once in a while has some good lines (but usually just cringe lol)

  8. I can hear Hik’s whiny nasally voice even throughout this whole video.

  9. I don't want to scroll down because I don't want to know who won yet.

  10. Magnus is missing two titles in chess which Hikaru reigns; Fisher Random and Bullet.

  11. That second game how these dudes calculate the tactics so quickly is insanity.

  12. Congrats to Hikaru!!! A World Champion Class player. Definetly a well deserved Victory!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Danya would have been a better choice to join Hess for commentary. We needed a bullet mind to commentate a match like this, and they sent the town retard. No offense Danny.

  14. This was a tournament for the viewers more than anyone else.

  15. Ok I confess. I had to slow down the video to 0.5 playback speed 🥵

  16. is that chess? – some buddy said youtube thinks chess might be racist

  17. I prefer to watch a chess match between two humans, including mistakes and brilliancies. In fact, witnessing a mistake can be just as exciting as seeing a brilliancy. Watching a near perfect match between chess engines is boring.

  18. Hikaru almost choked!!
    Magnus must've been really tired facing 3 elimination matches in a row.
    But he's adapting on Bullet and he's now fast on the mouse.

    He'll be back with a vengeance next year and i can't wait to see it again! 😃😃

  19. no shame for magnus at all folks 🙏
    congratulations miyamoto musashi

  20. these guys play better bullet than I play standard.

  21. I like how these two have a Vegeta&Son Goku vibe. They know there are no stronger mfs in this game than them and only a match between them is something that gives them adrenaline

  22. Chess sure would be boring without these two. Ding and Nepo was exiciting but wouldnt care for a repeat tbh

  23. Wondering why magnus didn't move his rook to e1 to stop Hikaru from getting a queen at 9:21
    Magnus had a garaunteed queen, could sacrifice a rook to make the odds more in his favor

    But idk, I'm a low level chess player, but his choice didn't make much sense to me

  24. All the bullshit of this Daniel the mouth II

  25. The name Magnus Carlsen sounds like the name of some emperor or like some grand wizard

  26. The fact that Carlsen almost won this bullet match when it's supposed to be Hikaru's domain is just insane. Remember the time Carlsen beat Hikaru in 1 1 and people were saying "without that second increment Hikaru would wipe Carlsen off the board". Well, didn't happen.

  27. only hikaru can beat magnus in bullet chess and he is best player in world in bullet

  28. If Hikaru can consistently beat Magnus under tighter time constraints , then why is Magnus considered the best

  29. I love the nickelback puns. Best commentators ever!

  30. The speed on these matches is just at another level, even when these two play against other GMs on Bullet they still take some time to think, here I blink and half of the board is gone, not only they are going all out, you also feel like they are somewhat in sync, truly the greatest duo in chess.

  31. 1:27 for Hikaru? True. For Magnus? He's just memeing.

  32. When I watch two of the best chess players in the world go head to head playing some of the most complex bullet games ever, what I definitely want from the commentators is to spend 15 minutes making cringe jokes about Nickelback.

  33. I cant even watch this as fast as they can play it. Shows how many levels there are to this game 😂

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