Hikaru Nakamura vs Alireza Firouzja | Blitz chess 3+0 & Bullet Chess 1+0 online | 27-02-23 |

GM hikaru vs GM firouzja2003
00:00:00 | Blitz Chess Online 3+0
00:51:19 | Bullet Chess 1+0


  1. 59:56 firouzja in a good form would have seen Rh8 bh8 Qh6 instantly.

  2. Seems all alireza remember from chess is moving pieces. Dude is far far away from elites now. Play more chess man. Don't waste another talent as Fiaher did

  3. It seems that Alireza has given up on chess. It is a pity, because he really has a lot of potential. Apparently, he has other priorities. With more effort, he would have won against an average player like Nakamura with his eyes closed. But as you can see, Ali has it all in the ass.

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