Hikaru Nakamura Goes Streaking: Arena Kings Blitz Chess Tournament

Hikaru Nakamura tries his hand at the 3|0 blitz chess Arena Kings tournament. He racks up many wins and a lengthy streak on the way to a dominant performance!

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  1. Naka Goes Streaking is a clickbait title that makes me feel weird

  2. What are you doing? Think you just pulled an Eric Hansen there bro, from years ago! Lol, adds to the entertainment. Thanks Hikaru! You're awesome! Good games, for real, so just proving you're human, again for real.

  3. Hangs piece against 1400, he doesn't take it , in front of 1000 people

  4. 2 hour Naka video!! I guess I had nothing else to do this afternoon…

  5. Please get a quieter mouse or stop clicking so hard, really getting on my nerves

  6. "I feel like Somehow this long diagonal should lead to a lot of pain and suffering. Ooooohhhhh….." NAKAMURA

  7. Even rarer than a chess player named Paul, a chess player named nakamura. Rarer yet, a Naka that gives candy to children on Halloween. Naka needs rare candy to level up to boss mode n feed them starving kids man.

  8. my guess is you would NOT have been lost after losing a bishop against a 1393 player haha

  9. Freaking love these vids, keep them coming!

  10. it's an absolute joy to watch hikaru play blitz when he's in the flow!!

  11. 1:19:34 When we spend a couple moves to prepare a sac like this our opponent defends… but Naka can do it!! I wonder why??!

  12. Hmm 4 minutes 20 seconds until it starts, I wonder what I could possibly do in that amount of time… hmm

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