Hikaru Nakamura Goes Streaking: Arena Kings Blitz Chess Tournament

Hikaru Nakamura tries his hand at the 3|0 blitz chess Arena Kings tournament. He racks up many wins and a lengthy streak on the way to a dominant performance!

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  1. this long diagonal will lead to a lot of pain and suffering. sounds like my life haha

  2. why all that extra clicking of the mouse

  3. "When in doubt, suck the Queen" – Hikary knows his ways with ladies

  4. 21:44 I think I'll have some fun, that guy only 2459 rating, lol talking about 2300+ rating like it's total garbage and I'm 1300 rating , rip for me

  5. why does he double clicks after every move…carlsen does the same

  6. If you take a shot every time he says "what am I doing" or "I've gotta move fast" you'll have alcohol poisoning by the end.

  7. How does he plan ahead his moves, like what buttons?

  8. Nakamura, you're such an incredible player.

  9. 29:40 the mic is too close to the mouse… INDEED. Pretty annoying if you ask my ears ^^

  10. man you straight up shoulda forfeit to that 1393 player, you deserved to lose that one lmao (also you would give that guy the best day of his life and the greatest bragging rights ever)

  11. 1:41:42 – anyone has a clue as to why sack the exchange? Unless I'm missing something he could've kept his rook

  12. 16:44 hi hikaru. you're playing a 1393. Do you never watch yout opponent's rating?

  13. when u gonna quit sandbagging and whoop carlsen? 🙂

  14. What the hell is wrong with his mouse clicking. It’s annoying asf

  15. how is he able to draw those line on the board?

  16. Streak 24 😂 i even can't do it for only 3 streak 😂

  17. cmon Hikaru how are u rated 3000+ but cant tell that a sword w a gun would clearly beat a gun w a sword

  18. Love Naka but him speaking in third person is cringe lol. 16:46 the dread of possibly losing to a 1300 player.

  19. RolloOrollo, Sweetheart, you are going to kick yourself for all eternity for missing Qxd5+ 16.47.

  20. Games starts and Nakamura won't answer the door even though it's just kids trying to get some candy on Halloween. That opening was called "Check or treat", I believe.

  21. how can we do the arrows and choose the move before it is his turn???

  22. Ah yes.. just a 20 game winning streak… I'm used to that too, so much so I dont even mention it.

  23. 'Nakamura Goes Streaking' can have more than one meaning, y'know.

  24. I was just thinking they could do keyboard control, like press a letter from asdfghij and a number 12345678… and that would select a square, and then another pair and that would mean move the piece on the first square to the second. I think once you got used to it it would be a lot faster than the mouse.

  25. What is he doing with the mouse? Why is he double clicking so hard to place a piece?

  26. offering a draw for no good reason makes you look like a wimp

  27. hikaru is still wondering the meaning of that bishop h6

  28. 1:19:41 when you see your opponent has that pon structure you know something has gone wrong

  29. 16:53 'omg ! I just hanged d5 I would have just lost the game right there !'

    Me (having no clue): hmm, so you call this game: chess? =)

  30. Why does his mouse make that annoying click sound. Drives me crazy

  31. I had a streak once in a chess tourney irl. It wasn't well-received.

  32. What's next, the "Sweet Transvestite Transexual from Transylvania" Opening?

  33. hikaru starts talking
    5 Minutes later
    Hikaru: blah blah blah

  34. So, just to clarify, runs 26 wins in a row against very strong players, I noticed many of them were in the 2400-2600+ range, while half the time talking about things like maybe going to Antartica. Insane.

  35. 3:10 kids in my neighborhood they write your address down next year your house gets egged

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