Hikaru Nakamura Defeats Magnus Carlsen! Wins 2022 Speed Chess Championship!

There is no greater rivalry in online chess – Hikaru Nakamura vs. Magnus Carlsen! They last met in the 2017 Speed Chess Championship when Carlsen won convincingly. Since then, Hikaru has accumulated FOUR Speed Chess Championship titles and had an incredible 2022. Don’t miss their epic and long-awaited showdown in this year’s Speed Chess Championship!

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  1. This match speaks volumes about Hikaru’s resilience and resourcefulness, and Magnus’ raw domination even on an off day. He was clearly off-form but still nearly clutched it at the end. He led the 3+1 and 1+1 after playing badly in the 5+1. GOATs in classical and online formats. What a match!

  2. Tres-Bon as the French have lost the World Cup Boys and Germs…

  3. In his interview when Hikaru was asked did he feels pressure when playing Magnus, he said Magnus should be the one feeling the pressure as it really doesn't matter if he losses because Magnus is the best, but Magnus needs to prove that he's the best.
    W mindset

  4. Robert predicting the world champion blundering a piece in 1 move is probably more rare than me getting a girlfriend

  5. Hikaru deserves this win. If I was Magnus and had to choose who I lose to, it would be Hikaru. Formidable opponent.

  6. did you saw how he won, he was getting mated in one he let clock run took advantage so basically that game didn't count

  7. Both of them are very good chess grandmasters, I admire them both

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