Hikaru Nakamura Defeats Magnus Carlsen! Wins 2022 Speed Chess Championship!

There is no greater rivalry in online chess – Hikaru Nakamura vs. Magnus Carlsen! They last met in the 2017 Speed Chess Championship when Carlsen won convincingly. Since then, Hikaru has accumulated FOUR Speed Chess Championship titles and had an incredible 2022. Don’t miss their epic and long-awaited showdown in this year’s Speed Chess Championship!

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  1. "It's not enough to be a master, you must also play masterfully." Carlsen is human, come with less than your A-game and someone will beat you. Great match, I enjoyed every phase of the competition.

  2. I love how i can see greatness in both these players and not be upset because i lost or something like that, love chess ❤❤

  3. People who watched the livestream saw a different score first :>

  4. "I can beat everyone in bullet with 2 points down"
    "But i don't play one last game with a 1 point lead…"
    Such a coward ❤️

  5. I could have been a chess GM, but then I took an arrow to the knee

  6. How Hikaru mind set, when facing Magnus, have changed during the years must be an example of the psychological work for any competitive sport.
    Facing the GOAT in the way how Hikaru did it is a life achievement

  7. I appreciate how much respect Magnus showed towards Hikaru this time around. Sure, Hikaru is decent, but sometimes he's absolutely unstoppable and I'm glad that the best player of all time is still grounded and humble enough to give credit where credit is due. Both of these guys are amazing and I totally agree with Magnus, watching the two of them in this time format is as good as it gets.

  8. the match against Fabi told the entire chess community that Magnus wanted to win the SCC. this match proved to the entire chess community that Hikaru, for another year, is the king of speed chess.

  9. Stalling speaks for itself 💤😴💤

  10. I'm confused why the chess community is so outraged about hikaru using the clock. You guys must have never played a sport in your life

  11. Wow, Hikaru wins by stalling clock what a coward lol. So obviously Magnus is the better player; there should be a claim win/draw rule if the position is clear.

  12. Dam I was looking forward to seeing this recap hearing that Hikaru won. Disappointing to see he won by being a coward in bullet.

  13. That bishop C7 call by Hess was funny. I watched it live. Then Daniel called him out because it was a blunder and Magnus actually makes the exact same blunder. 😂epic.

  14. love the words of admiration between both players, it's all about awesome chess at the end of the day ❤ GGs

  15. I was rooting for Hikaru the whole time because I always wanted the underdog to win

  16. I bet Hans Niemann would win this without wasting a second from the clock!

  17. It's so funny to me that Hikaru has won multiple world titles and in his interviews he's just like "this is my part time job"

  18. Why does Hikaru make stupid faces every time an opponent blunders?
    Keep it professional man

  19. Overall a good recap, but at 19:20 you have to at least show the nice tactics; come on.

  20. I was confused who was playing what color when I was watching yesterday. Both were so fast and I lost following the moves and ideas

  21. Magnus at his worst form just behind hikaru by 1 point.🤣🤣

  22. Danya just straight up ran out of the room 🤣🤣

  23. Nice vid but coule you not spoil the result in the title

  24. Crazy how Magnus sucks now,
    Magnus also jealous of Hans Newman

  25. Magnus was in Soccer WCC mode, not really focused.

  26. Gmn ceritanya, Magnus blunder gajah tanpa kompensasi dan kalah waktu? Jawaban mngkin faktor psikologis. 😀👍

  27. Hikaru maen bullet tanpa ada masalah dgn kontrol waktu. Padahal Magnus malah sempat kalah waktu.

  28. Too bad you can't milk the clock if you're the one losing, cry toxic Magnus fans

    Well there are also some objective Magnus fans out there, no offense to you guys ^ ^ Love both Hikaru and Magnus

  29. Even victorious, Hikaru still admits “Magnus is the best player in the world.”

    His humility really has come a long way. And so has his chess!Congratulations Hikaru!! 🥳

  30. considering how magnus obliterated other players this shows hikaru is on god level.

  31. How mad was Magnus at the flagrant time-wasting maneuvre!!!!! Hikaru wanted it so bad. What a battle! Crazy that this happened at the same time as Messi was finally winning a World Cup….

  32. imagine winning by running down the clock and time wasting, pathetic disgraceful behaviour from hikaru

  33. Magnus said something along the lines of "It can't get any better than when Hikaru and I face off in speed chess", and I absolutely agree. This was honestly more exciting to watch than the World Cup Finals earlier today

  34. What is the background music guys in 9:50?, thank youu!!

  35. When the winning move is to not make a move. Awesome ending.

  36. Magnus beat fabi 22-4 and loses to hikaru 13.5 -14.5 . Holy shit. Hikaru and magnus are just chess gods

  37. I actually think this is the best chess content on the web right now.

  38. You know: I like the format where there is a fixed amount of time for the each of the three time formats. Even if that means sometimes a player (e.g. Nakamura, today) will let the clock wind down. Because it's only maybe 2 minutes of wait time, and the commentators can use that to make intelligent observations about the game — they often don't have that time because of the fast pace.

  39. This is a great recap. Please consider not putting the winner in the title. Won't spoil it and might get more views.

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