Hikaru Nakamura Crushes Computer In Blitz Chess – #4 Of The 2000s – Rybka vs. Nakamura, 2008

Hikaru Nakamura has long been one of the best blitz chess players online, but can he really defeat a chess engine in three-minute, no-increment chess?! In 2008, he did exactly that as he used an incredible anti-computer strategy of closing the position and offering two exchange sacrifices to convince the top engine, Rybka, to overpress in an effort to avoid a fifty-move rule draw.

* It’s easy to overvalue space.
* In closed positions, what matters is pawn breaks.
* Rooks have no value in closed positions.
* Piece quality trumps piece value, a rough estimate of average quality.
* The Grob sucks. 1…e5 and 2…h5.

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  1. Who is the best blitz player in history? Hikaru in his prime must be in the top 10 ever, right?

  2. thanks, Sam. Great game. How is it possible to play 250+ moves in 3min?!? and to have time to humiliate rybka with bishops at the end!

  3. I would like to see your analysis about Google Alpha Zero.

  4. i remember Naka on ICC playing the computers i remember a game where Nakamura was mating the pogram with only Nights

  5. This is like watching an episode of Futurama. Proving Human>Machine contrary to what Bender says. Nakamura understanding how the computer works and using that knowledge to bet it at its own game. The analysis is great too, I was able to see the ideas Nakamura was going for and how he achieved them. Awesome stuff.

  6. Isnt Hikaru still the best in the world at blitz?

  7. Is it really bad sportsmanship? The opponent can just resign

  8. This was truly a superhuman feat. Pulling this off in a 3+0 game and even having the time and chutzpah to BM…simply astounding.

  9. The computer is cheating , he’s using engine

  10. Which version of Rybka??? Rybka 1.0 32-bit is only 2786 elo. Anybody can win that version.

  11. I just finished studying five bishop endgames and YouTube recommends me this video. Scary!

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