Hikaru Makes 48 Moves in 13 SECONDS to Win


  1. It's all just about memorization now. No intelligence or critical thinking required. Fischer noticed this years ago and that's why he invented Fischer random chess.

  2. I can’t… i don’t … what … derp

  3. Well it’s not just hikaru that did that but his opponent did it to

  4. hikaru can really just pre move the entire game and go get something to eat while the other guy is loosing 😂

  5. The fact that he can cancel holding a piece and grab another piece 💀 like bro how??? I'd have to go all the way back to the square i got my piece from whenever i change my mind.

  6. This doesnt even seem like the same game

  7. the weird thing is that the first past doesnt even look fast-paced, happens when you look at high gms play

  8. Other skill GMs need to have right now is mouse accuracy and agility.

    Imagine they don't have the accuracy and there is so many mouse slip.

  9. Wow the calculations of Hikaru are amazing… let's not down his opponent either though as he was almost matching Hikarus speed

  10. This video makes me question my understanding of how rooks can move..

  11. Honestly to me this is like watching something in a foreign language and then when you go to the comments for clarification it’s still in that language 😂

  12. I'm not even confident enough to promote my opening. Idk how these guys do it

  13. It's just amazing for me how in the end he has premoved like the final 4 moves and doesn't complain or doesn't even touch his mouse anymore

  14. 48 moves in 13 seconds is about 4 moves per second, but Hikaru was nowhere near that fast.

  15. How come this guy gets THIS, but he doesn’t understand a single meme posted on Reddit?

  16. Jajjajaj, se pasa con los últimos movimientos

  17. bro idk why but for sooooo long i thought this dude was Magnus Carlsen

  18. How the hell did the white rook disappear during that bullet endgame? I've rewatched 3 times and still don't see why it disappeared

  19. I can do that. They'd just all be crap though.

  20. I have no time
    Activates ultra instinct

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