Hikaru, Magnus, Nepo, MVL, and More Battle To Become Blitz World Chess Champion! | Day 1

Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, the two biggest stars in chess are among the participants at the 2022 World Rapid & Blitz Championships! Join us for an elite over-the-board event featuring the best speed chess players in the world as they to compete to become world champions! Also playing will be Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Anish Giri, and reigning blitz world champion, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave!

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  1. this isn't watchable, the big board lagging far behind the actual moves

  2. Trent- I don't like magnus position.Magnus- Nah, and wins.Can someone replace trent btw.

  3. This is the worst footage of anything ever. We literally need one thing, the chess moves.

  4. Atleast show the final standings at end of all games .

  5. this commentary bores me to sleep, no offense but I think hambleton knocked any kind of enthusiasm life out of trent … the dudes just not a commentator in any sense of the word. david is amazing but these two don't mesh at all.

  6. The delay makes this difficult to watch. I hope that better solutions can be implemented.

  7. Better to keep things professional and refrain from cheap humor.

  8. ⭐⭐⭐🌟🌟🌟The 90's called.⭐⭐⭐🌟🌟🌟


  9. Hope Hikaru and Magnus both end up with one gold medal each.

  10. Hikaru stands between the Magnus and his triple crown πŸ‘‘

  11. Seriously, when are you guys going to get rid of Lawrence Trent?

  12. I stuck up for Trent yesterday but man he was being rude in Magnus’s first game. Obviously kovalev let his clock run down intentionally to even the time advantage. That was nothing short of a class move and he got flamed for it.

  13. The DGT boards work fine for classical chess but the latency on reporting the moves makes this pretty painful to watch live. So many skipped moves, there has to be a better solution.

  14. I have a lot of respect for kovalev, made the commentators sound very un-sportsmen like. I wouldnt want my opportunity to play the world champ be ruined by time odds, because if you win it will always be considered a fluke by your peers.

  15. Nakamura seemed concerned he didn't know where his friend magnus was. Those two have became closer friends this past year since Hans sued them both. Naka had magnus back through all that cheating drama. Good friend

  16. watching the physical board is so much better than the digital one. please

  17. Hikaru means "pioneer" in Japanese, and he will beat all included Carlsen


    When commentators are commenting on the main game and then disappear to another game and come back 5/10 moves later and they don't show the missing moves!??
    Also when showing a game, when all the games are over, at least show the full game from the beginning!

    I know it's impossible to show all the moves from all games you show, but at least show all the moves from the main couple or three games you mainly analyse.

    Nice to see the opening and how they got into those winning positions, more complete games please!πŸ‘

  19. Chess should be played digitally for these tournaments too.

  20. Trent is the most annoying commentator I have ever come across. I can't stand that guy.

  21. Petition to remove Trent. Borrrring and no enthusiasm

  22. why do they show classical ratings not blitz…..

  23. camera should take up more of the screen for blitz as the dgt is often not synced or glitched

  24. thanks for the great coverage guys! by far the best stream for the event.

  25. Very original. Closing out with endless chatter but no standings ?

  26. Howell the Hugh Grant of chess commentary – 'Gosh, crikey – crikey, gosh'

  27. Even I could commentate on the first 2.5 minutes of the Magnus game!

  28. Clearly Kovalev was just showing good sportsmanship, respect!

  29. man I don't even check all the games but I go down to the comment section to see all the people that complain about trent lol

  30. It's really shameful that at a world class tournament they can't get the f***ing software to follow the moves properly.

  31. Can you move the mouse cursor off of the board please it's like a mosquito

  32. Why does the chess World Championships have a separate grouping for women? In sports it makes sense because men are physically superior, but why chess? This is INSULTING to women; women are EQUAL!!

  33. Magnus is definitely eyeing the triple crown and once achieved he will go into professional poker.

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