Hans Niemann goes all out to beat Praggnanandhaa | World Blitz 2023

What a match-up this was going to be. With the white pieces, we have the young American talent Hans Niemann and with the black pieces we have Indian prodigy R. Praggnanandhaa. This happened in the 8th round of the World Blitz Championships 2023. Hans playing with white played the Italian and went all out to blow his opponent off the board. But Pragg is not an easy opponent to subdue. Check out who came out on top, in this highly stressful encounter.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Prag won that game…why does the title suggest Hans won

  2. Change the title…I was worried seeing that

  3. yo correct the thumbnail bro almost fell off the chair

  4. looks like the beads are very uncomfortable. He is moving alot

  5. Damnnnn the instant moves on like 8 sec seconds vs 25 seconds was craazyyy. Well done

  6. What’s wrong with the meter? Also I was wondering reading the video title that how come pragg lost from Nieman😂 chess speaks for itself😂

  7. This was only The beginning!
    Out in the parking lot they had a fist fight and they were throwing Dog poop at each other. And Knocked out two of their teeth.

  8. Unfortunately this time chess couldn't speak for itself!

  9. Pragg WON – he defeated Hans – who ever made the headline for this video lied
    PraggMania is sweeping the nation in India – he is bigger then The Beatles

  10. NOTICE how Pragg cleans up after himself at games end – puts the pieces on their squares where as poorly raised hans just walks away — zero class

  11. Haha Hans Loser! No class,way to go Prag GG! You crushed him,after a briliant defense!

  12. It seems clear that Hans was cheating previously to get rankings with the top 10 players. Now he doesn't have his "advantage😉" he can't even come close to winning or even placing near the top of a big tournament. He's naturally an excellent player, but nowhere near the top without cheating.

  13. Hello Sagar sir ….. I have a doubt when will the Wildr contest end?? Because the world rapid and blitz is done… It is showing more one day that's fine but if we be in leaderboard top 3 then how to contact you sir??

  14. Idk enough about chess to know about Hans ability, but it’s very obvious that his body language and eyes are completely insecure vs tried and tested top players.

  15. All the results are well known at the very first of the game because Indian player never lose in this channel against other countries 😂

  16. I hate to see internet trolls and talking heads talk about Hans. Many of the top chess players have quirky personalities and the online cheating scandal as a youth does not take away from him brilliant play. These guys all work very hard and for the most part are very young.

  17. Another Hans click bait. So annoying 😞 😴

  18. Pragg had to concentrate hard with all the buzzing sound.

  19. Chessbase be like never let them know your next move 😂. Title mai hi bluff?

  20. Sa gare remaga gapamamadhapadhamapadha sani nisasasa dhani ni padhadhamapapagamamaregagasare resasa

  21. title should be nieman goes all out to win agst pragna but failed

  22. at some point he started to playing his own moves…and it was when the quality dropped dramatically.

  23. It is not the chess that used to be. Players are subjected to despicable agony which could affect their health.

  24. There was me expecting some kind of insane kingside attack but I didn’t see one sacrifice. He had 2 knights dining at h6 – he should have gone for it!


  26. Indian had a lot of bs moves just moving a piece around for no purpose when they were both at stand stills no attempts to attack he only looks for mistakes while trying to protect his players the whole time and when he can’t move players into better positions without having to sacrifice he just does a bs move like moving the rookie back and fourth pisses me off so bad

  27. Нимана короновали по ошибке. И Прагна это ошибку поправил.

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