Hans Niemann blunders an entire rook! | World Blitz 2022

Hans Niemann was up against Turkish GM Vahap Sanal. The game was a positional one until something quite drastic happened. Niemann under time pressure blundered an entire rook! How did that happen? Check out the video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The beads shook to hard and that made him blunder might need to lower the tune on your beads next time Hans

  2. Hans Nieman is a great player. It's good to see that even great chess players can make such blunders!

  3. The arrogant player did not reorder his pieces. But Şanal is a very gentle player.

  4. Leaves his mess for someone else to pick up. 😏

  5. crazy how with a butt plyg he deafeated the best player in history but without he can even get to top 10 of a tournament

  6. Yalnız vahap şanal ismi satranca çok yakışıyor ve bu isim satranç dünyasına adını yazdıracak kesinlikle

  7. I hate when players dont set up pieces just because they are mad. So childish.

  8. I have lost my fair share of games and in those I blundered literally thousands of times yet the thought of not setting the pieces back up after a game has never even crossed my mind. Just goes to show how much smarter these GMs are, had I known this was an option I would've been skipping it as well.

  9. at 6:26 there is a similar tactic as white can take f7 pawn with a rook. 1.Rxf7 Qxf7 2.Qxa8+. I thought that was the reason why Hans paused and hesitated while taking the knight. After that he tried to parry the threat but instead made the blunder.

  10. His opponent is also a strong GM. Watch out for that guy in a couple of years, he can be a super gm someday.

  11. Our beadsman needs an upgrade for his equipment.

  12. Let's go Hans! Im always his fan! 👏👏💪💪

  13. People shouldn’t make a big deal out of players not setting up the pieces, when I win a game against a strong opponent I’m so happy that I don’t care at all about setting up the pieces, I have no problem when my opponent doesn’t set up the pieces after I win

  14. How and why is he allowed to take a spot up on roster?

  15. Setting up the pieces back is such a simple gesture yet the bead dude have never done it.. what a dbag

  16. You have to be a total idiot to have thought this guy was a legit Super GM.

  17. In blitz its hard to cheat, especially if there is delay

  18. Anca blitzde adam icinzden gecti klasikde

  19. How hard is it to put a display of the board on the screen. Maybe you guys can ask other channels how they do it

  20. Hans TPR in Rapid portion of this tournament was 2507, as well as 2570 in the Blitz portion. Nothing spectacular.

  21. Hans only defeat top players, it seems he has problem adjusting level of difficulty of his engine

  22. All the bead and engine comments are just boring now.

  23. vahap üstündeki şey kaç yıllık la geçen seneki turnuvada da aynı şeyi giyiyordun:D

    şaka bir yana helal olsun güzel galibiyet

  24. A blunder that will be deeply remembered in the annals of blitz chess history

  25. Bluetooth reception mustve been spotty there.

  26. I dunno, msybe worth it to continue, the other player might make a blunder, run out of time or squeek a stalemate lol

  27. Is Hans Niemann the least consistent player at his level of ELO?
    Or are his blunders just highlighted more than other grandmaster's blunders because of recent controversy?

    Genuine question

  28. A new member of Peter Svidler's Hanging the Rook Club.

  29. Niemann ended up in 47th place out of 50? Chess really does speak for itself.

  30. does anyone know how they keep their dgt boards so glossy?

  31. Storms off like a petulant child again as usual as he loses at this tournament for the 18th time lol

  32. What a gentleman organizing his mess. My respects.

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