Hans Niemann blunders an entire rook! | World Blitz 2022

Hans Niemann was up against Turkish GM Vahap Sanal. The game was a positional one until something quite drastic happened. Niemann under time pressure blundered an entire rook! How did that happen? Check out the video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. What a gentleman organizing his mess. My respects.

  2. So heartbreaking to see him play without engine.

  3. I’m guessing towards the end he ran out of batteries.

  4. Dressed up like tourist, played like one too.

  5. Chess is an art I don't even remember the letters I just play by seeing it as an art

  6. He should have been disqualified from the start for that horrendous shirt.

  7. Hans and his fake accent, his fake chess, and his fake existence

  8. When i click on the players tab in .2cbh format of MegaDatabase, i can't search for players. However in .cbh format the players tab, tournament tab and others work perfectly. Only in .2cbh, no tabs except the games tab work

  9. He lost and didn't set up pieces what an AH

  10. Hans Niemann is 5 years older than me but when i look at him after the games he looks like a toxic 10 year old kid hes not setting up the board after he loses

  11. When the best chess player to have ever lived questions your ability to play pure chess……….your career is finished. Self destruction is imminent.

  12. Ladies and Gents, and the player with the black pieces is supposed to be the next Fischer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈.

  13. GM Vahap Sanal is like a mix between Harry Potter and GothamChess 😅.

  14. His results haven't been up to his usual standard in the last few months…
    He doesn't seem to have the 'buzz' lately .

  15. You know.
    I am still going to give Hans the benefit of the doubt, but…

    Is it just me, or he always leaves the table like that?
    I've seen several vids of him just leaving the table like that, while the other player takes time to re-arrange the board?
    Anyone noticed this?

  16. Harry Potter has always played good chess!

  17. When the beads don't work like they used to before

  18. Poor Hans is just unable to perform after all the bad hate that he received.

  19. Sadly for Hans, the beads must not work in time for blitz and rapid games 😥

  20. This guy allegedly has beaten magnus fair and square


    tell me about it

  21. Without knowing anything about him, I'd say he is a 35 y.o guy rated 1800 (with peak at 2200 lol). He does not speak for himself.

  22. Wow an entire rook huh? So not just part of the rook? 🤔

  23. The Jack Sparrow of chess. I think he should avoid partying all night before tournaments.

  24. So much for the cheating allegations…

  25. Everyone trashing Niemann. 2700+ with strong security measures. Meanwhile you couldn’t get on his level using the ghost of Fischer himself.

  26. It is a great example of gentlemanliness that the Turkish grandmaster arranges the stones after the match… By the way, hans niemann is not a chess player.. Many amateur chess players in Turkey can easily beat hans nieman.

  27. Sovereign Hindu Defense Front (SHDF) says:

    The person who is an 'expert' at catching computer cheats gave him a clean chit.

  28. I think that the whole situation after his win against Magnus, is ruining him day by day.

  29. It is impolite not to line up the pieces after the game. If you're doing it every time, it's called…

  30. Vahap Şanal the bright future of Turkis
    h chess

  31. With only 3 seconds on his clock; as Black; after suffering through a difficult position… Yeah, he's in good company. I've seen Magnus blunder a piece without even being in time pressure.

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