Grandmaster Explains Is Blitz Chess Good for You?

Hi guys, in this short video I just want to explain my thoughts on blitz games.

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  1. Should blitz be analyse or its waste of time?

  2. I hate blitz. Im a 550 in blitz yet an 800 in daily, bullet and rapid

  3. I saw huge progress from playing blitz but I wouldn’t be where I am today without having played rapid and classical games

  4. Good video. I heard from strong players to only do a maximum of 1 hour/9 games of blitz per day and to analyse after for opening improvements or check types of positions you are uncomfortable in, this is thought to provide all the benefits and help instead of harm your long game. What do you think of this? Personally I think it can be true as there have been times where I kept encountering a type of middlegame I was clearly uncomfortable with in blitz and this forced me to go analyse it deeper and when it popped up in classical I was able to play that kind of position much better due to blitz bringing it to my attention. I think rapid is better to train for classical but you need a reliable partner as cheaters on sites can be more common. Thanks Moulthun

  5. If you had 5 days to prepare for a tournament as a 2000 FIDE, what would you do if you believe your endgame theory is really bad? Are there any resources you really recommend? Also for positional awareness- eg, how to manipulate opponents' pawn structures? Thanks!

  6. I felt the same. Always went overboard at one point in my life either way. Mainly when I still played actively, used blitz for experience, tactics, and playing out the new openings. Trialing out new things. Rather play the longer games if I could.

  7. i play blitz and bulllet when i want to play chess without thinking too much.

  8. Your opinion on every aspect of chess is really helpful. Please make this kind of Q&A videos regularly. Thanks always.

  9. I think a good discussion would be on exactly how to use faster time controls to work on your openings. Like what’s the best time for that? 5/5?

    When should you start at slower speed with a new opening and then ramp it up? Like what are the specifics for how you should incorporate it?

  10. Whenever I do well otb, my blitz suffers and whenever I do horrible otb, my blitz goes up. lol

  11. The nice thing about online blitz is you have a record of the game. I play two biltz tournaments a week and then I go back and look at what ever simple combinations I missed and then put those in my practice data base. I find I remember motifs from my games better than dry exercises from a book or online.

  12. First time I reached the same conclusion as a GM πŸ™‚

  13. Seems to be openings patterns and endgames. Also like you mentioned time scrambling is more familiar and you can handle it better. It’s too fast though both sides miss a ton.

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