GothamChess’ Crazy Blitz Match vs. Danny Rensch

Watch two of the world’s favorite International Masters face-off in a New York blitz chess battle as @GothamChess takes on @danielrensch in a best of seven match!

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  1. That kid needs a responsible/considerate parent

  2. Lol the edit while the kid was telling his story was hilarious

  3. Yeah, hinestly, that kid would benefit from letting people play and being less talkative. But, then again, they were having good banter and ultimately its up to Danny and Levy to say something if it is bothering them, if not who cares x

  4. Man I have to skip through the kids rambling

  5. Whats up with the black prodigy geniuses? Terminator 2 , the head guy at cyberdine. The same actor in justice league as a genius again. Neil Degrasse, this kid and another in one of Botez's videos.

  6. 2:50 bro in the back right trying to cover his tracks

  7. They were so patient to not tell the kid to scram lol

  8. Is it just me who thinks the kid was talking way too much?

  9. I signed up for a free trial 6 days ago. I tried to cancel the membership and its already charged me. Super sketchy. Just had a death in the family. Increadibly f'd up.

  10. Anyone else beat danny's 400 elo bot then tried to do his actual 2500?

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