GM Vincent Keymer vs GM Sebastian Siebrecht | Blitz Chess Match

Blitz chess match between GM Vincent Keymer and GM Sebastian Siebrecht from our kids chess channel:
The two grandmasters play a sharp game which ends up in an entertaining time scramble.

Vincent Keymer is the youngest German grandmaster and Seabstian Siebrecht is the tallest chess grandmaster in the world according to world chess chammpion Vishy Anand.

Enjoy the chess game Keymer vs Siebrecht!

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  1. Hi why don't u do a video about the gm saleh Salem

  2. Now that's hell of a Reti opening, thanks!

  3. Vielen Dank für das Video.
    Bei wem war jetzt die Zeit abgelaufen? Das habe ich am Ende nicht mehr mitbekommen, das ging so schnell.

    Wie macht man es ein Video zu drehen und gleichzeitig ein Brett einzufügen?

    Danke schön und schönen Tag noch.

    PS; Hat Euch sichtlich Spaß gemacht oder?

  4. Hello everyone,

    We would be very grateful for your opinion about the video format! We have this dream to show real chess in a better, more entertaining and atmospheric way.
    Would you watch chess on TV if it is presented cool and what elements would be especially important for you in such videos?

    We are incredibly grateful for any feedback from you 🙏!

    Here are some more closed questions:

    1. What do you guys think of run-in music for each player, similar to boxing?

    2. What do you think about a valuable lowlight setting inspired by the Godfather trilogy for chess matches?

    3. Close-up cameras on the players' faces (emotions)?

    4. Cinematic board close-ups?

    5. What did you think of the Moscow scenes in The Queens Gambit? Could you imagine something like that for real chess broadcasts?

    6. Would you watch chess on TV if it was made exciting and entertaining?

    7. Is a permantent 2D board important for sports broadcasting of chess?

    8. Off-camera commentator voice which leads you through the game in real time?

    9. Nice digital chess clock display of each players' time in the uper left and right corner?

    10. Until which time comtrol / maximum length of the game can we go?

    Thank you very much!

    All the best,
    The GRENKE Chess Video Team

  5. I absolutely loved this format!!! Very cinematic and I also liked the close up of the player’s faces. The 2D board was also great! Thanks

  6. The BBC used to have a podcast where they would interview players and talk to them about their lives over a game of chess. I think it would be interesting to talk to the player during the game so we could get to know a bit more about them. Excellent video.

  7. Ja, zwei echt nette Protagonisten 🌞🌞! Very nice 👍👍👍!

  8. Sehr schön das die Meister auch Patzen 🙂

  9. Cooles Video, gerne mehr mit Vincent. Aber die Close Ups bitte nicht während Züge gemacht werden 🙂

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