GM Speed Chess! #128 Some Crazy Blitz Chess

Live Grandmaster speed chess!! Please also put the stream date in your diary! Tomorrow 2pm GMT.

Age Warning!!! Some very bad language used – suggested age 14+

Chess starts at 2:30.

* Twitter – ginger_gm
* Website –
* Twitch channel –


  1. Happy belated birfday, Simon! BTW, does your room have a cat-proof door you can close before recording/playing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Did you really say (almost) that you would get your hands on Fiona???

  3. Loveliest Charlie is back!! Need more of this ginger guy!

  4. thx Simon, i don't need therapy just watch u playing!

  5. charlie the assassin…. congrats Simon on 10,000 subscribers…. i am due for a slew of dayvay dee's…. hopefully i will see your stream tomorrow! continued success on the road to 2800…..

  6. You should played Chessexplained and Kingscrusher for more subs. They each have a lot.

  7. Simon, don't you have a door of your room to close it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. my cat has lost me more games than i have i think

  9. Do you not have doors in England? I thought you loved doors.

  10. So glad to see you still have a pet. Very sad news about your dog not less sad now, but you know what I mean.

  11. what about Kovacevic? isn't he the best at he london system?

  12. Bloody Nora. A full six hours of Charlie tomorrow.

  13. Lol. In the last game both gms overlooked nxc3 which will be noticed by patzers. A case of thinking so complicated that u dont see the obvious.

  14. That reminds me …I must buy a new tea-towel-holder tomorrow. Thank you Charlie.

  15. As a life-long cat lover, I have to say… SIMON! Throw The Freakin' CAT Off The Table!! He Won't BREAK!! Christ! You're an even worse Softie than I am!!! You were perfectly willing to toss him, AFTER YOU LOST THE GAME !! AAAAARGH!

  16. When Simon is nervous on Blitz, there Charlie comes in to be cuddled.:)))

  17. I have the same problem, my son (11 mounths) wanted to take the mouse or pull the key board…

  18. the best quality chess is found here without a doubt

  19. +Simon Williams. I've got some of your dvds. Great stuff.
    Only when I look at you now and compare how you looked on say "killer d4" I can't stop thinking you would do great in "meth. not even once" commercials.

  20. Never laughed so hard at a chess video. We want more Charlie!

  21. Great stuff, love Charlie! Though i think you should have named him Harry ;D

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