GM Magnus Carlsen Plays Blitz Chess on Twitch Stream

Watch one of the greatest player in history plating in livestream


  1. "There's no sub button; I don't want people to pay money to watch this shit" 😂

  2. Imagine being rated 1900 and making Magnus yell at his friends. Goals.

  3. In the background I see stacks of paper, a cardboard box, and an old demo board. Why is the chess world champion streaming from a storage closet?

  4. 14:45 what happens here? he try to take with the pawn but the knight immediately disapears

  5. "there is no sub button! Like I don't want ppl to pay money to watch this shit.." lmao

  6. "Fuck off, I played the Benko Gambit of course I was worse" Magnus is too much😂

  7. Magnus is a GM? Thank you for clarifying, I would've never known

  8. Dude was not in a good mood that day lol like, don't even talk to him kinda mood.

  9. Why does he talk so much shit, that dont fit a GM

  10. Cmon some cheating going on here. No 1900 is playing like this against a 3000 rated player.

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