GM Hummer (2488) vs WFM Fatality (1985). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. She failed eating the pawn on h2..

  2. if shes a smart player im sure dissapointment is only towards her play and not towards the higher rated player to which she lost, so i don't understand some comments about her not smiling or leaving

  3. That is not true what you say about Fatality, she is a very good player and have change for a great champion 🎉🎉🎉

  4. Well played GM Hummer and great effort Fatality 👌

  5. Excelente juego, experiencia contra sagacidad.

  6. Sharp. I had to pause a few times to figure out what Hummer was doing.

  7. why she left the seat right away and never smile like she did against young guy… Poor GM

  8. No entendi nada de lo que hizo HUMMER .. pensè que perdia la partida !

  9. Me parece que deben explicar que pasó con Fatality que se ve molesta.

  10. Interesting game. I’m jealous because you have GM:s to play against on a frequent basis.

  11. Fatality looked very displeased not sure why. She has lost to a much higher rated player. It is not the losing, it is what you take away from it that matters.

  12. Él quería comentar la partida pero ella estaba realmente molesta, ha perdido contra alguien que ha jugado mejor y encima tenía un ranking muy superior, hay que saber perder .

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