GM Garry Kasparov VS GM Hikaru Nakamura Blitz Chess 2016

Garry kasparov managed to win this game against no. 1 US player. SUBSCRIBE for more such matches and also for many other International Chess Tournaments.

DGT Professional chess board :
Tournament chess clock :
Chess mat with pieces and bag :


  1. Not surprised..tends to happen when hikaru actually plays good players instead of playing against casuals online lol.

  2. Garry and Nakamura play chess in 2016 Women chess championship

  3. Hikaru with that quick sharp mind, Kasparov with deep theory

  4. The great Kasparov once again humiliates Nakamura…

  5. That commentator is annoying take away his coke next time

  6. Could I suggest a maximum of only two chess commentators at any one time?

  7. Maurice and the girl should shut the hell up!!! Annoying as f**k

  8. I don't understand why black resigned

  9. EN
    annoying video! you don't have to move the pieces during the game! only the two players do it!
    video fastidioso! non dovete muovere i pezzi durante la partita! solo i due giocatori lo fanno!

  10. I've never seen a worse broadcast of a match than this one, but what else do you expect when an American comments chess game in the style of a commentator at a WWE match…

  11. why kasparov retired while he is still can competed againts GM in this era. Anand is still playing

  12. No analysis and explanation, of why the piece was sacked which proved a mistake. Maybe, ask the audience !

  13. Идиотский показ видео.

  14. Anyone else confused at how this is a women's championship?

  15. Let's take a look at the audience during crucial moves….

  16. Let's cut to a entirely different classical game for a split second in the midst of the action.

  17. Les commentateurs parlent tous en même temps. Vraiment fatiguant!
    Un peu trop intense un des commentateurs homme.

  18. Hikaru: I will never give up
    Kasparov: More time to show my skillz

  19. Can someone tell me which chess app they put up on left side of the screen?

  20. Who is the winner in this game…?🤔🤔🤔

  21. Are these commentators auditioning for ESPN? It’s chess, take a breath once in a while.

  22. Thez guys dnt comment on the game much

  23. I didn't see check mate? How did he win?

  24. I've never heard such blithering in my life. Close your holes.

  25. I suck so bad I can't even tell why Kasparaov won

  26. It was quite annoying for you to move the pieces on the demonstration board for your analysis and then reset them back to the game. It was very difficult to tell when the position on the demonstration board was the actual game position.

  27. Nakamura foi bem insistente

  28. Comentators are so annoying.. chess isn't wrestling.

  29. Why does Nakamura not play on great tournaments like Wijk aan Zee?

  30. Chess after Fisher wasn't the same URSS players after Fisher beat them all came out with new rules now a match after 1975 can last several months if not years 😂😅😂

  31. I doubt Nakamura is drinking Red Bull during his games.

  32. May I point out that Kasparov retired from competitive chess 11 years before this meet. Okay the one game, but then…..

  33. Magnus had a draw with this dude at the age of 13….😱😱

  34. Kasparov ❤ from Georgian fan🇬🇪

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