GM Ben Finegold’s Most Important Rules in Blitz

GM Ben Finegold shares what is most important when playing blitz chess. Clip from [04-23-2022]

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  1. I think not blundering is good enough for most classical games too, not just blitz

  2. Always finish with a knight bishop checkmate when you have at least a minute left on the clock ⏰

  3. Play better moves faster. Why didn't I think of that?

  4. It was at this point I accepted, I am a random blunder generator.

  5. Its not like we mean to blunder pieces we just try to not play slow and blunder, or we don't blunder and we play slow. Eitheir way its a losing game

  6. 4:19 Wait, what? The dream. Why do all my opponents resign before I can even reach these kind of positions? What is the psychology behind this?

  7. Always hilarious when Ben is insulting us and then the guy he’s playing immediately proves him right

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