G. Kiselev (1722) vs G. Yunker (1428). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. super der Junge, herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  2. So this is German, one of Alisa's little brothers.Why 5…..Ng8? Why not 5….d5!Again 6….d5 is correct.Whites 8.Bg5?? is a major blunder.Black should now punish White with (8….cb! 9. Qb3-Qxg5 10. Nxg5-ba/Q 11. Bxf7+-Kd8 12. Nc3-Nd4 etc) or (8….cb! 9. Bxd8-ba/Q 10. Bxc7-d5 11. Qxd5-Be6 12. Qb5 etc)Better was 12…..Qe8.Why not 15….hg 16. Nxg5-Nef5 17. Ne4-Bxe6 18. Bxe6-Qh4 etc.Again 16….hg is correct.After Whites 17.Qc3, Black stands better after 17…..hg -2.68After 22 moves White has .12 on his clock.Why did White not take the draw instead of bringing out his King for attack after attack.German played a well-played game. WD.

  3. Impressionante! Esse menino será um GM daqui alguns anos…

  4. Bravo. Good game.
    For children, time stops for their wonder.

  5. Smart youngster, with sharp moves. Impressive game G.Yunker !… 👏 must be related to talented A. Yunker.

  6. Little boy is impressive . I wonder how old he is ?

  7. Now I know why he sometimes wins even against his big sister! Keep it going, Mr. German Yunker!

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