FM Y. Kurdakov (1974) vs Firestarter (2033). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. When I made an ilegal move once in Andorra open blitz (same case as here, I didn't notice my king was under check), my oponent got up, went to the umpire and I lost the game. Obviously different rules here. Anyway, white gave good resistance against higher rated and faster player, but turtle again won an arrogant rabbit.

  2. Дедушка, вог что значит старая советская шахматная школа….Уважение.

  3. Que partida emocionante! Achei que estava perdido para Kurdakov, mas ele virou brilhantemente! O erro de Firestarter custou caro, dando 1 minuto a mais para o russo!

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