FINAL DAY: Hikaru Fights Magnus For Blitz World Championship With Giri Chasing | Day 2

Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, the two biggest stars in chess are among the participants at the 2022 World Rapid & Blitz Championships! Join us for an elite over-the-board event featuring the best speed chess players in the world as they to compete to become world champions! Also playing will be Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Anish Giri, and reigning blitz world champion, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave!

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  1. Magnus win or lose always tidy up the pieces ❤. What a gentleman.

  2. Women section should have it’s own broadcast, don’t disturb the open section, the one mostly actually want to see. Especially when it’s cause us to miss Magnus game!

  3. trent gets his researchs and analytical ability from tarrot cards. no neat exposure to gm level chess maybe 🤷‍♂️

  4. Some remarks: 1. Remove Trent from commentating; 2. David, you should speak less and let the colleague to speak too

  5. Well now it's official, the next world championship title will be totally meaningless, everybody knows who the actual world champion is!

  6. I’d like to say something kind about Lawrence but I’m at a loss. Any help is appreciated.

  7. Feedback:

    Trent seems like a great guy, but he has this way of quietly yelling every word as though he is shocked but also super bored.

    That combined with the routine 5-10 move jumps on the 2D board make this a pretty tough watch for me.

  8. GMs Daniel Naroditsky and David Howell woul be great commentators together. Wasn't a fan of Laurence Trent.

  9. Such great commentary, but what on earth is wrong with the board? Why is the onscreen board so many moves behind all the time? Makes it so hard to follow

  10. It must be crazy the ammount of grown up men who kept saying ''rip kid'' cuz the kid lost. We live in a special kind of world nowadays.

  11. my god they need a new technology for the live chessboard… that things is late as fuck

  12. Chess is at an all time high in terms of popularity and the most view friendly and most hype tournament of the year occurs, yet the coverage is still abysmal. Why is it impossible for the dgt boards to quickly and laglessly update on the viewer digital board? Without this the games are unwatchable by most, ostrasizing a huge potential audience! Such a shame

  13. Is there no way to get the board to update in real time and show the moves when they're played? There's such a massive lag it's hard to follow the games, especially when it's most important and you get a dramatic high paced game like Carlsen Rapport. Such a shame.

  14. Magnus the greatest player ever in shorter time format, only because he is the one of the two greatest chess player in the world. it's completely unreal how he made it look easy 😆💯 for 12 consecutive years with 15 World Championship titles. No one comes close to Magsy in Faster time format or longer time format, while people stick to their comfort zones, Magnus conquers.

  15. Where can we see the ceremony??

  16. Magnus shows yet again, that he's the greatest of this generation. Although it was close, he was 1st or tied for 1st for the entire tournament. It has paid off. The goat!

  17. Hikaru fans : naka is blitz God ( who never won any blitz championship)

  18. this could have been anish if he didnt go for 6 draws without even trying for a win

  19. Carlsen has surpassed any human chess level, the greatest that has ever been or ever will be

  20. One of the most annoying this about the streams is them showing the women games when there are still important open games going on. Still great event overall

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