Fatality (1980) vs Celentano (1964). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. "Fatality" is the most childish alias i have ever heard

  2. my guy going to regret that opportunity for life

  3. I thought 1980 and 1964 are years of their birth lmao

  4. All the freaking jokes bout her chest when it's all about chess

  5. I read the title and i was like damn these guys look really young for their age

  6. Если бы со мной играла такая королева, то я готов начать заниматься шахматами 🙂

  7. 12:30 he knew where she would want to go and put her piece there before she did xDD

  8. you won't make me believe the guy on the right was born in 1964

  9. These handshakes at the beginning always look so unnatural to me. That's just not how you do a proper, meaningful handshake. It just looks forced and sometimes even forced against a feeling of disgust. As if the players would rather touch each other's hands with tweezers. At this point just wish each other luck and a fair game!

  10. I think they don't need chess 🙂

  11. I am not a chess person but I don't know why I clicked and watched till the end and watch twice to know who won the match 😅

  12. That dude was knocking over pieces like he had the shakes or something. Glad she was able to keep the game in line, cause if he was doing that intentionally it could have just been a swindler doing their thing – a.k.a. winning unfairly.

  13. Everything exists with its opposite, we must remember death so that we can understand the value of life, seek to live life correctly and beautifully and prepare for death in the best way. Sometimes we must remember.
    Transitory life..
    -is the translated text

  14. Bro's amazing, to have a stand and still win despite the chess pieces having 4 bishops on the opposite side

  15. These two are in love with each other! : ) She even allowed him to re-think his bad bishop move. Now that is LOVE! : )

  16. Fatality (1980) vs Celentano (1964). Are these the years of birth of their parents?

  17. The, umm, certain type of tension here, was, umm, palpable …

  18. Id blitz those beautiful loba lobas out of that top and suckle on them in the middle of the game for extra fuel

  19. 女の子にこんなに見つめられたら集中できないだろw

  20. they are flirting and asserting dominance over each other

  21. Wow they look so young for people who were born that year😮

  22. i have watched a love story more than a game hahahaha

  23. isnt it draw by repetition or 50 move rule?

  24. I probably can't focus on the chess cuz i'm facing a beautiful girl lol

  25. This is so unfair for the boy, my gosh

  26. He is so depressed
    Can't even handle his pawns.

  27. What was she trying to do with the handshake.

  28. There's so much tension I'm forgetting how to breathe

  29. I can see it: showing her cleavage and touching her hair to distract her male opponents!

  30. Треш какой то. и где Фаталити? Где кишки, кровь, мясо и сожженые кости? Где комбо?

  31. منور مذيعنا الغالي يؤبش ئلبي طالع متل الئمر

  32. İ said Child will win and he winned and girl dont know playing chess , writted HELLO From Turkey . Istanbul

  33. What's the colour of the black pieces?

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