Fatality (1958) vs IM P. Shuvalova (2297). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Finally getting to play with the big dogs. I'd like to see her play more classical time controls against these strong lady IMs and GMs

  2. Great game! Will there be a rematch?😊

  3. Лиза-молодец, всегда болею за неё😊

  4. Shuvalova played good in the time scramble.

  5. Que jugadoras tan fuertes… gran partida..

  6. Обе молодцы! Такая скорострельность решений сводит с ума! Но болел конечно за Fatality!

  7. Я человек простой, увидел Лизу – поставил лайк

  8. It is just fascinating how at certain level, having just 1 extra pawn is the equivalent of having a second Queen almost guaranteed.
    Thanks for the video!

  9. У девушек принципиальная битва в Лондоне) Жаль Лиза опять не сохранила важного чернопольного слона, борьба могла быть ещё интереснее. Полине ♥️

  10. I like the confidence Shuvalova has. Never hesitated in her moves.

  11. at 0:19 the recapture with exd4 is fine if the white bishop is still on c1 but it is off the board now so cxd4 is a better move. The knight can go to the more natural c3 square. White can also then play the move Rc1 and take the open file.

  12. Interesante juego, felicitaciones a las dos chicas….EXCELENTES.

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