Don’t disturb Magnus Carlsen when he is watching a game #shorts

Magnus Carlsen watches Aryan Tar’s game while heading out after his game.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. He got in the way of the people filming the game.

  2. Here we observe a native magnus in its natural habitat realizing it has just been discovered while attempting to blend in to its surroundings to observe its next possible prey item, it does a territorial challenge display by spinning 360 degrees to assert dominance in these scenarios.

    Such mesmerizing stuff I must say.

  3. if Magnus flinched at my move I would quit my chess career and pursue checkers instead

  4. Probably the only Immortal tier player in the arena…looking like a lost kid

  5. Su mirada intimida, por eso no dejan que la use…. ja

  6. lol what’s he gonna do challenge me to a fig…chess match 😂

  7. Didn't Aryan Tari lose here? The player on the right was on Magnus' team for this tournament

  8. indians trying not to seek attention of a tourists in their country be like

  9. Leo DiCaprio needs to play this guys life in a movie.

  10. I don’t get why the man would think it’s ok to walk up and start talking when literally everyone else is quiet watching the game .. the man has his head up his own backside

  11. I can feel the pressure of those guys when Magnus was watching 💀

  12. He's such a snob and very unmannered, disrespectful towards his opponents, especially when he loses. I watched fee oh his videos and not like his nature, behaviour at all, nutso.

  13. He was being considerate of the players he was watching.

  14. It looked more like he said "one min? Okay"

  15. I loved how one of the singers is much higher than the rest of them. It really makes it seems more like a pulling sound and feels uncomfortable yet seductive

  16. Magnus was like "Its over buddy, and you know it"

  17. I really wanna know what his exact thoughts and speed are

  18. He wasn't shushing him he was telling him give me a second

  19. People are just gonna ignore the one board with the two kings being goofy?

  20. Magnus after game: “bro you missed mate in 15”

  21. He is the camera frame, the guy just wants to move him away

  22. I think the other person was just requesting him to move out of the camera's view which was shooting the game.

  23. Magnus was standing in the way of the camera. He was asked to love back slightly. That’s all that was happening in this video lol.

  24. The music playing changes so much about the reality shown in this clip…. Anyone who reads this, please realize this is happening to anything you see online. Be mindful peepz! 😉

  25. Is that not the sign for "first warning"? Magnus was gonna beat the living hell out of him.

  26. I am completely sure that if Magnus Carlsen would watch my game I would start disturbed and could'nt play…

  27. Imagine making a move and Magnus saying oh no and leaving

  28. Why is this dude made out to be like God?!?! It’s chess for crying out loud.

  29. That dude has the most punchable face I have ever seen.

    An attitude to math it too.

  30. Camera man: Tell him to move
    Guy: Move over
    Carl: shhhh
    Everyone: Sigma

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