Don’t disturb Magnus Carlsen when he is watching a game #shorts

Magnus Carlsen watches Aryan Tar’s game while heading out after his game.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. عز والله تكون بطل العالم وفي الشطرنج

  2. the guy in white T is magnus's friend… they stream together on twitch..

  3. When maagnus left he seemed so depressed

  4. What Magnus was thinking: "I could mate them both blindfolded"

  5. Magnus tells his teacher when the class is dismissed.

  6. Magnus didn't wanted those players notice that God watching them playing

  7. Its a big chance for the player because magnus carlsan is top player and if he likes his game he give chance to him

  8. 💭“Goddamn it. Why’d I have to lose in front of Magnus” 😂

  9. You know you made a mistake when Magnus Carlson walks away

  10. Magnus was like :-" Aryan u come at my place u r getting a beating "😂😂

  11. After pajl morphy only king Magnus Carlson

  12. It’s not to disturb the players playing not himself

  13. The stadium wall is trying to reduce the noise echo for Magnus.

  14. That's how you feel like when you're doing with your physics homework on the table beside the window and Einstein walk through beside the window and look at what answer are you writting at that moment😅

  15. He already saw who won the man 15 seconds earlier.

  16. Magnus is like the most notorious yet the most intelligent guy in class.

  17. When Magnus is already with a face there beeing like :"You blundered"Then never trust yourself but trust Magnus and try even tho you made a blunder to to win or make a draw.

  18. Magnus already finished the game in his mind. 😂

  19. Hocam biz allaha sıfatlarını niye yarattı diyoruz ki bu sıfatlar direk Allahın zatında değil mi

  20. De bruyne LET ME TALK! Magnus Carlsen LET ME WATCH! 😂

  21. My rating would rise up from 1911 to 9000 just by Magnus watching me

  22. "Make sure your double check your answers after looking at your paper" energy.

  23. What are you talking about? Nice clickbait. Magnus didn’t care about being distracted, he did it for the players.

  24. Я делаю первый ход в партии:Так же Магнус:Вот так и проигрывают в шахматы

  25. When he said shh then too late you’ve already disturbed me hope you’re happy

  26. Гений шахмат не может в холостую простаивать❤

  27. Its Iike im working on test at school and Einstein is watching me

  28. Feels like a dramatic show. He was quite lucky for Magnus being polite.

  29. There is something deep about chess. It’s not just a game

  30. It's like Devil watching you from behind when you try to be good 😂😂😂

  31. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate with that music playing

  32. I don't care if he created a whole planet with several living species, I can never respect someone with that attitude

  33. Magnus is maybe the greatest chess player who ever lived, so far.He doesn't show it. He prefers to simply keep a young stance.

  34. Tell me you blundered without telling me you blunderedMagnus: 🤨😒

  35. Players: It's just a game, It's okay if I lose just play well…
    Magnus Carlsen is watching you…
    Players: I'm going to ignore what I just said earlier…

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