Don’t disturb Magnus Carlsen when he is watching a game #shorts

Magnus Carlsen watches Aryan Tar’s game while heading out after his game.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. shesh these chess people are so serious lmao

  2. Whatever. magnus is really a very good player no doubt about that…! One of My favourite too.. But WHY!!! on earth did he change his hairstyle!!!!!!???? Like he looks so descent and smart with the old style!!!

  3. That's his friend Aryan Tariq playing. He is low on time and in a pressed situation. Magnus wants him to play undisturbed.

  4. when Magnus Carlson watches you play chess, the pieces ask his permission to be moved…

    when you fork Magnus Carlson, you lose material.

    when Magnus Carlson checks you, your king Apologizes for the trouble.

    when Magnus Carlson is late, time slows down to compensate.

    If you cheat against Magnus Carlson, you run out of time because stockfish calls Magnus Carlson to choose it's next move.

    when Magnus Carlson blunders, you loose eval.

    when you defeat Magnus Carlson you get forked in real life.

  5. no really his bodylanguage shows he was pissed. he feels entitled to watch whatever he wants.
    same time he has no sense, him watching alone put pressure on his friend more than his opponents. not a good move

  6. Hiç değişmemiş, ben bunun çocukluğunu bilirim

  7. Magnus was told to get out of the way since there's a camera at his back. No need to think deep there is evidence at the vid.

  8. magnus is that one kid in class thats always the first to get his work done

  9. Now I just want to watch compilations of Magnus watching and reacting to games live.

  10. Thats gotta be nerve racking having him watch you play😅

  11. I like how hes so polite though. Hes keeping his distance so they dont feel pressured

  12. Thats either anime boss or anime protagonist there

  13. they get more intense as if magnus stretching his aura

  14. He was asked to move cause he was in the camera frame lmao. You see him look and step back. Then he leaves after watching for longer. Fake title

  15. "Google define elite": Google's only search result, this video.

  16. There are two type of people in this world:
    1. Who get satire

    See the rest below….

  17. He was just telling him to be quiet because others are playing. Respectful

  18. "Sir, you need to have a premium for a game review"

    "But I am doing a self analysis"

    "Oh ok"

  19. That is probably the scarieat thing ever, just imagine magnus Carlsen watching your every move. And If you make a move that you think is good but then magnus sighs you know you fcked up

  20. Mike Be Lawless - Comedy / NFL Commentary says:

    Josh Brolins kid watches chess?

  21. Why chess players are so angry and arrogant?

  22. Magnus sort of reminds me of House, in respect of he is so good and is dissappointed/distracted when others don't hit the same heights to challenge him.

  23. pretty sure that was an official telling magnus to be quiet… so…

  24. Это в Алматы )!

  25. I think the dude was telling magnus to get out of the camera angle , he was standing in front of the camera. That dude was just doing his job

  26. When he turned around and his face was like.. brooo why you did that move…

  27. I love the pretentious commenters thinking they know why Magnus did the finger lmao

  28. they will play better when Magnus is watching

  29. It isnt shh. He was saying 1 minute mate😂

  30. I think he was asking magnus to keep moving.

  31. It's not about Magnus. The arbitrator is telling him to piss off and stop hovering.

  32. bro is like that one teacher who looks at your answer sheet and asks “are you sure about this answer?”

  33. Magnus wasn't concerned for himself he simply rendering the players silence, as is courtesy.

    It's like when people tee off at golf.
    Shut up.

  34. So that’s what a room full of virgins looks like…

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