Ding Liren vs Nakamura | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019

Ding Liren seems to have a great position against Naka, but like always Nakamura is extremely difficult to beat in blitz!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Is this chess champioship going on in a hospital? in the area of ​​turbeculose treatment?


  3. 00:15 cough1
    00:34 cough2
    00:46 cough3
    00:56 cough4
    01:09 cough5
    01:39 cough6
    01:59 cough7
    02:08 cough8
    02:26 cough9
    02:50 cough10
    03:22 cough11
    03:26 cough12
    03:38 cough13
    03:43 cough14
    03:49 cough15
    04:00 cough16
    04:05 cough17
    04:14 cough18
    04:36 cough19
    05:01 cough20
    05:07 cough21
    05:23 cough22
    05:37 cough23
    05:42 cough24
    05:50 cough25
    06:11 cough26
    06:18 cough27
    06:47 cough28
    07:08 cough29
    07:13 cough30
    07:33 cough31
    07:48 cough32
    07:55 cough33
    08:04 cough34
    08:20 cough35
    08:36 cough36
    08:41 cough37
    08:53 cough38
    09:33 cough39
    09:39 cough40
    09:48 cough41
    09:51 cough42
    09:56 cough43
    10:05 cough44
    10:27 cough45
    10:29 cough46 by Ding Liren
    10:30 cough47
    10:41 cough48
    10:47 cough49
    11:28 Game draws
    11:30 cough50

    Thank me later.

  4. I watch all of your games some times i miss calculate because of my vision on the board, please try to encorporate a better angle or display an diagrammatic image of the game.

    Thank you.

  5. In the high left corner, no-one seems to realize that poor lady is being eaten by a red monster.

  6. The coughs are not considered as disturbance by them.

  7. you ought to change the topic to ‘’nakamura getting coronavirus against coughing chinese guy’’

  8. Nakamura vs Ding. Japan vs China WWII who wins? j/k

  9. Is that Nakamura's stepfather in the first row yellow T-shirt??

  10. In case if anyone doesn't know , man in yellow t-shirt is hikaru's step father .

  11. AG in the BG OP❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Why he resigned he could takes the knight to rook

  13. You know it's going to be good when its China vs Japan.

  14. Seems like everyone in india got some breathing problems cuz goddamn they cough alot

  15. Aquí en Colombia queremos ding

  16. Two men are playing chess at the coughing festival.

  17. Literally me when Nakamura shake his head: yea bro, shake it off.

  18. What the hell is that cough sound! Annoying

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