Didn’t See That Move Coming! #shorts #viral #chess #memes

Today, I play chess with some extra rules! I include Uno cards, some Monopoly money, a little touch of Scrabble, and a die to spice up the game! Let’s be real, chess really does need a new update badly. So here it is! You’re welcome. Anyways, if you enjoy the chess memes YouTube shorts, make sure to subscribe and let me know in the comments.

JJJReact – This video was stolen on TikTok by two creators, who ended up receiving over 4 million views off this video (without giving me credit). Check my community tab from June or the pinned comment for more info.

From the comment by @MarioOLL6251
Here are the moves:
1. e4 UNO Reverse (Brilliant)
2. Un-e4 e5
3. 6-die roll capture WaterPawnb5
4. Na4+Nb4 WaterPawnb5xa4b4
5. e4+Skip
6. Qh5+ Qg6 Bribe $500
7. Queen declines Queen bribes $1000
8. Qx$1000 N/A
9. Spelled Queen Heart Attack
White wins by opponent’s heart attack

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  1. This is not chess this is less💀💀💀

  2. bro took "every single game" to a another level…

  3. The black queen just mooving like a horse on steroid (2 front 3 side)

  4. Ii. Nnnnnn. Eeeeeeedddd. Iiiitttt. Gggg. I’ve me now

  5. That's original idea is special play chess and you know the play u can do joke and is funny

  6. So your not supposed to play chess that way? 😮

  7. bro is so dumb he thought the knight was the horse☠️

  8. POV: D&D Alignment Chaotic Neutral recreates chess

  9. Elon Musk would probably appreciate this updated version of chess.

  10. IF ONLY chess got updated
    That would be even more fun

  11. Wy szachy niszczycie 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 @Queenie x kinger 😅😅😅😊😊😊😊😊😊

  12. the game name is classic chinese checkers bruh look at the label💀💀

  13. There's a game that's copying you 😂

  14. Yaaay someone finally invented it ! Chess 2

  15. The black queen moved the wrong way

  16. 0:54 People who knew the queen could be taken by the black bishop, on c5 😂

  17. You know its bad when it says Classic Chinese checkers on a chess board

  18. People in the comments: “This game is hard”
    Me: Oh I’m white? Okay. Brings out ‘W’ ‘I’ and ‘N’ Gg

  19. The fact the board is a checkers board and not chess💀

  20. POV me and my friend playing chess but we don’t know how to play

  21. Well this is click bait. This isn't chess, it's classical chinese checkers.

  22. I am a chess candidate master…you ruined it for me …

  23. Ihjnirhvhtu 😢😊😅 hdhfhehdhrhdhduudududururuueururuurururururururuur hsjfkxejfa

  24. Everyone who is reading this lost "The Game"

  25. First that chess board says that its a checkers board second thats a harder version

  26. Edit: The stolen videos have just been taken down! Thank you all for your support!

    I have some bad news about this video that I thought you should know. I just found out that two users on TikTok, @ambassador_chess and @yuimanicho, both stole this video without giving any credit to me. These videos received over 4.3M views, and I am absolutely distraught about it. I am the original creator of this video, and I can give proof to anyone who doesn’t believe me. Please don’t send hate their way, just know I’m working towards getting those copyrighted videos taken down. Anyways, I appreciate all of you for watching, and I hope you enjoy. Thank you all, much love ❤♟️More content coming soon!

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