Defeating Grandmaster & he SHOCKS You! #shorts

He was Relieved! 😂

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Similar thing happened to me when I was playing an IM. I was up a queen for a rook but got into time trouble and somehow fumbled into a draw.

  2. That handshake brought my anxiety to existence once again

  3. Bro can someone really explain me what if the black king goes to h1, then it will not be a stalemate.🤔🤔

  4. If he sacrificed his knight just before that move of rook in front of white queen. The game would be in his hand.

  5. They don't shake hands, they shake BRAINS.

  6. I'm so shocked how quickly I found the "Don't recommend this channel" button.

  7. No entiendo. Le come la dama negra con la reina y chau. Que fue lo anecdótico??? Quizás es porque soy principiante…..

  8. Women arent called women for nothing

  9. Its not a stealmate its a perpetual check its a draw for black

  10. Grandmasters are supposed to not lose. Epic shit.

  11. Both of the players smiling meanwhile the black queen: "AM I SUPPOSED TO BE ON E2 OR F2?!"

  12. Can't understand why this is a stalemate. The white king can cancel the black queen, right?

  13. Except for J Polgar no woman has crossed 2700

  14. Eso es ahogado, no hay derrota de nadie allí.

  15. Very cute and intelligent IM Divya ❤️🥰

  16. Women ☕ but wait she can defeat me in chess 😅

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