Defeating Grandmaster & he SHOCKS You! #shorts

He was Relieved! 😂

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. How is this a stalemate? The white king is in check

  2. May be she shouldn't have gone after both the a and b pawns ….. however at time pressure it is obviously difficult to analyze and realize that the particular following continuation (which many people will follow under time pressure) will land up in a Stalemate.
    A very good game by Divya and a very good save by the GM ❤❤(sorry I don't know his name , please someone tell)

  3. “Defeats grandmaster” doesnt defeat grandmaster

  4. I think it's pretty common stalemate trick. My friend had a winning position but threw away similar to this

  5. He came inside with his piece, and she realized it, but its too late. A star is born.

  6. I am not a high level chess player, but when i play chess with women, i am having difficulties to execute my strategies. I want to win and at the same time i dont want to see her lose. That WGM is so sexy 😍😍😍

  7. wow he really think thet i can take the ROOK it's free and then it's forced SM
    and it will not be a CM nice i will do thet
    "allso this is what GM's thanks in a second"

  8. Thats why fast chess is not serious chess. Good day.

  9. Just accept the stalemate why shake hands. I swear grandmasters are so lame

  10. Those half ass handshakes where you just touch palms annoy the crap out of me

  11. "And that's how I met your mother…"

  12. Those chess handshakes be pissing me off fr

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