Daniil Dubov ; Volodar Murzin.FIDE World Blitz Chess Championship.

Daniil Dubov,FIDE rating 2708,born 18 April 1996 Russia.Volodar Murzin,FIDE rating 2632,born 18 July 2006 Russia.


  1. Really no need to add the music. If you have the raw footage it’d be great to hear the live sound

  2. I thought Bxe4 …dxe4 d4-d5 was really great. That gave White +/-

  3. Почему нет рейтинга спортсменов

  4. Nicely converted. Had pressure all the way through but black defended resolutely.

    The Bishop pinning the Knight on e7 was very strong and cramped blacks options

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