Cute Combination Finish – Quparadze vs Nepomniachtchi | World Blitz 2022

Georgia’s top GM Giga Quparadze (2587) and World Championship Contender, GM Ian Nepomniachtchi (2782) both of them scored 2/3 including a loss at World Blitz 2022. They faced each other in the fourth round for the very first time in a rated game. How will they fare? Who dellivered a cute combination to finish the game? Find out all in this video.

Replay the game

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Nepo storms off and Giga calmly replaces all the pieces. Class act!

  2. Deveria haver uma regra no torneio em que cada jogador fosse obrigado a arrumar suas próprias peças. Caso se negasse, seria eliminado do torneio. Isso deveria fazer parte do regulamento e ninguém poderia alegar desconhecimento.

  3. Achievement for Nepo: after the loss he didn't accuse the opponent of 'playing dirty'.

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