Crushing the Sicilian Defense | GM Hans Niemann vs IM Harshavardhan GB | Abu Dhabi Blitz 2023

It was the final round of the Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival Blitz Open 2023. One of the world’s strongest youngsters, GM Hans Niemann (2616, USA) had the White pieces against promising Indian IM Harshavardhan GB (2323). Check out the full video to learn about a powerful weapon against the Sicilian Defense!

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by: Himank Ghosh

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  1. not even a look, not even Good-bye, very rude

  2. Game speak for itself.. IM was trying to be asking for his mistakes in the end😊😢😮😅

  3. Hans is to powerful he is from illuminati

  4. Hand was smirking all along the game meaning his opponent was too weak for him

  5. why is he playing a rook down ? shameless behaviour , also he played reall bad for an IM.

  6. The IM wanted to talk, this Hans guy didn't even look at him

  7. The #*Ignore* clickmagnet can apply here🤪

  8. At the end was he acting arrogant or didn't see his opponent asking his mistakes..but happy for him

  9. Hans was bore after seen opening mistake 😴

  10. Opponent didnt played like IM his accuracy would be like 75 in this game😮😮😮

  11. What a shame for these Indian players, even being an IM he was playing like a 1500 rated player. Also Hans missed a winning move too in 3:53 time stamp

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